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ERASMOB n°2 BIS: La Mobilité, une expérience pour tous!
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This Project is just like the ERASMOB n°1 2014/2016 and n°2 2016/2018 that we submit in parallel in consortium for the MFR which have been able to profit of our request for accreditation obtained in 2015. These 4 structures, joined the projects of mobility in 2013, are completely integrate in the collective project carried by the FRMFR Aquitaine-Limousin: they follow the same approaches and will have to lead their project with the same specifications as the 18 other committed MFR This project confirms our strategy of internationalization 2016/2020 and will carry: -Mobility’s for all the actors of vocational education -More solid national partnerships and always perennial or in creation European partnerships - a Quality approach like framework in the control of the project “Grouped” on all the levels: financial, administrative and teaching - Experiments offered to all in a desire of equal opportunityThis candidature concerns 4 structures: 2 MFR and 2 partners: the technical college Arnaut Daniel in Ribérac and CEMEA. These structures already belonged to the consortium supported by the FRMFR Aquitaine-Limousin during a project Leonardo da Vinci 2014/15 and ERASMUS + KA1 2014/16It gathers the mobility’s considered after consultations (5 days of writing workshop/improvement for the 30 referents Mobility MFR, 2 meetings with the Directors, participation in the conferences and workshops “ERASMUS+” of the Agency Erasmus+ France…) that is to say 225 mobility’s: -young people of FPI-number: 152 for durations from 2 to 3 weeks -trainers, administrators guides or in immersion in a company-number: 44 for durations from 5 days to 2 weeks - Trainees of the Formation – number: 25 for durations from 2 weeks in 12 monthsFor this project each structure prepared its micro-project validated by the board of directors according to its public and formations, established its partnerships (VA n°1) and during meetings organized by the regional Coordinator the grouped project came out It will rest on the requirements described in the request for accreditation aiming at maintaining a package and actions having shown their evidence: - Micro-projects registered in a collective project offering the teaching warranties of follow-up, management, control, evaluation and valorisation-Experienced MFR having solid partnerships -A constant number of mobility’s in link with recruitment to ensure the equal opportunity of the young people - An organization definite and structured (VA n°2) with operating rules, obligations and shared responsibilities - Permanent desire to innovate, progressAs envisaged in our strategy we will be vigilant to continue building sites in progress on: - Quality of the European internship: according to the classes, partners, changes in the reference frames, waiting of the young people… we must adjust parameters. The support of pedagogic delegated is envisaged - Validation of the assets of training for learners and trainers - Accompaniment of learners and parents in FRONT, DURING and AFTER the mobility - the institutionalization of the partnerships - the training of the living language in alternation - Sensitizing of the companies to European Mobility to raise the brakes to the Mobility of our learners- The mobility Post-diploma in link with the issues which our movement wishes to raise in the framework of Education in the Worlds and the Others (“Année Autrement”: partnership with the CEMEA of Aquitaine)We ask for guides because our young people are minors in 1st yeard of BAC PRO or in CAPA for more than 80%, so they are far away from Mobility (rurality, school and socio-economic difficulties). Our board of directors and the line Ministry wish that the MFR make safe even more mobility’s and they strongly advise the presence of 1 guide permanently on the spot considering whom they are able to install the young people in their company and family, to make regular assessments and to carry out the final evaluations At the end of this project, the expected results are: -100%: •consumed purses •Conventions and certificates supplemented and corresponding to the quality standards defined by the Charter of European Quality and the FRMFR•reports of placements carried out •Europass (or similar version adapted to the companies) given to the recipients - Installation of 10 days of improvement for the referents Mobility (rate of participation +80%) -1 Commission EMA/an, 2 steering committee/an, 5 technical committee/an -1regional special event of valorisation of mobility’s/an - Publication of 4 “Europe Differently”, our semi-annual edition, in 2 years, information on the Facebook of the FRMFR, 2 publications of articles in external reviews - Evaluation of the impact of Mobility and investigations into the needs and waitings of the structures-1 assessment/perspective of the project in progress (Mobility’s Post-diploma, Mobility apprentices and Master of apprenticeship, valorisation of compétences)



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