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Equipe européenne pour le Patrimoine
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The projet comprises a welcome of european an french volunteers. This team will work on the shares of developing natural and built heritage (natural areas, rivers, old mill space collective life ...). They will interact with team of insertion works. • Context We are interested to involve young people in a lasting way within our association, and we chose to develop a collective medium term project. And young people have the time to know and understand the values and culture of the association. Then they will do their activities in a unworried environment. It seems essential to educate young people about European values. They unite around the poupluation’s story. We chose the heritage as a socializing young people. • Objectives : For volunteers : - To promote intercultural and intergenarational links and meetings - Allow a mix of public and cultures and generations, - Making the actors involved in developing self-management skills, and get them to take individual initiative and responsibility for gradual emancipation, - To get volunteers to persue in a commitment way - Allow the discovery of the region and the local heritage’s promotion For the territory - Local heritage’s promotion - Making heritage available to local population - To create a greater sense of local ownership • Number and profile of participants : - 6 European volunteers - 2 french volunteers This young people will be sensitive and curious about ‘interculturality’ and group life. - 10 workers in social inclusion • Description of activities - Participation in conservation work of build and natural heritage : traditionnal masonry, foot trail, development of the banks along the river. Volunteers will be supervised by a technical group leader. - Establishment and organization of meetings with local population : open day, animations on the preservation and restoration of heritage… - Friendly organization and intercultural times with local population : about European values and culture of each volunteers (intercultural reception, intercultural meal…) - Awareness, particularly young people, civic engagement, volunteering and European mobility. • Methodology Our project management method is based on communication, exchange and "make-together". We work with partners at European level but also local, to build these local development projects for youth activities and territories. • Effects We hope this project is for European and French participants, a step in their civic engagement course. This project of European team for the heritage will be the chance for young with less opportunities to gain intercultural experience of community life, and to arouse the desire to learn, to undertake. Finally, this project will enable -amongst others- to revitalize (professionally and socially) workers in social inclusion, and to gain confidence in themselves and their skills, or to open up culturally. • Expected results – Advantage in the long term - Make voluntary invested in their commitment - Keep the projet in the long term - Territory’s stimulation - Develop other actions



6 Participants partenaires