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Equality of chances in keeping the local identity and reorganizing the education and professional training (Ethnic Revival)
Date du début: 14 mars 2011, Date de fin: 13 mars 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Partium Christian University and University of Debrecen are collaborating in order to create joint programs that have as goal the development of skills in the field of intercultural education and education for tolerance in tmultiethnic communities of the cross-border area. As a result of the joint analyses, 3 localities from Hungary and 3 from Romania were selected to be incuded in the project. A relatively rich number of ethnic groups live here. The aim is to establish a strategy on short and long term regarding the valorization of the folklore elements of the ethnic groups by means of education. To this end the partners planned together a joint training for the students in the two universities, preserving and encouraging cultural diversity. The regions under scrutiny are characterized by symptoms of emigration and enclavisation. In addition to direct economic financing and strategic development plans, human resources are as important and necessary in the complex process of reorganizing and developing local cultural identity. The need for revitalizing local customs and traditions has been expressed by the very inhabitants of those settlements. By focusing on such multiethnic regions – jointly inhabited by Romanians, Hungarians, Swabians, and Roma – the project studies the phenomenon of cultural revival, thus contributing proactively to the development of local communities and their own adjustment to the demands of globalization.On both sides of the border these communities are usually economically less developed, aging societies. The results of the research programme involving students , will most certainly provide clues for decisions to be taken by EU specialists as well as by those residing in the two countries.Target area:Hungary:NUTS II North Great Plain Region, South Great Plain RegionNUTS III Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, Hajdú-Bihar county, Békés county,Locality: Nagyecsed, Vállaj-Mérk, MéhkerekRomania:NUTS II North Western Region,NUTS III Satu-Mare county, Bihor countyLocality: Foieni, Pişcolt Hodod



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