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"EPVT - Erasmus+ 2016"
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Through its application to “EPVT-Erasmus+ 2016”, EPVT answers the European rulers’ challenge, contributing to increase the conditions of employability in Europe, making it more competitive and united. It is an opportunity to offer its students and employees the experience of working outside their country, which is considered to be extremely enriching to their personal and professional development. EPVT intends to include 24 students: 16 from the Catering course, 4 from Tourism, 4 from Multimedia and 8 tutors. It is also included in this project 4 mobilities of staff to Denmark at SDE College: a Maths teacher, a Marketing trainer, a Design and Multimedia technologies trainer and a collaborator with the functions of course and Formation in Work Context coordination. The students’ mobilities will last 8 weeks and will take place in March and April of 2017 and 2018. The mobilities of staff will last 1 week. The project counts on a multidisciplinary team, starting with the presentation and acceptance of the partners of the formation areas suggested by the school board. The participants of the previous mobility do an information session/workshops. The contents and skills to acquire are discussed and the partnership letters signed. The interested students apply for the project, being informed of the criteria of selection. The project’s dissemination will be, at this point, directed to the exterior. Technical, pedagogical, linguistic, cultural and psychosocial preparations are made. The mobilities start, with the follow-up of a tutor, who does the social integration and at the training placement. The host entities also have a tutor. Both tutors will, during the mobility, communicate via Skype, email, E-twinning and Facebook. The evaluation and certification are sent by the intermediate and host entities, at the end of the mobility. The final reports are done, as well as the project’s evaluation and its dissemination. The project’s results will be disseminated in the educational community and institutional partners, through social media, seminars and workshops on the theme. This project allows validating program contents, together with the partner institutions. It is our aim that the participants will be placed in companies with experience in the Catering and Hospitality industry, Multimedia, Tourism. Therefore, the choice of the companies as host companies is made taking into consideration not only the evaluation of results in previous programs, but also the existence of human resources specialized in Transnational Mobility, their vocation to technical and technological areas and the vocational feature of the traineeships they offer. The participation in this international project will enable not only the contact with a foreign language, but also make the people involved more aware of a new culture and gain a global perception of the European Union. In addition, to the enrichment of the participants’ CV, it enables them to have contact with potential labour markets in Europe, in order to view beyond their country frontiers and promoting, simultaneously, a dynamic and enterprising spirit. This way, we can conclude that the main necessities that this project will answer are: the application of both theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the course, the acquisition of new knowledge and its practical use in real work context in a reality that is different from their country’s. It will also enable them to deepen the technical contents related to their vocational area, contributing to the promotion of the sector in the region and in the home country. Simultaneously, it contributes to increase the students’ motivation and consequently to reduce school failure. This project will certainly contribute to the formation of young professionals, who will be more experienced, familiar with multiple cultures and ways of being and doing, contributing this way to the creation of a broader European conscience, more tolerant and more united. So, the main objective of this project is the support to participants in the achievement of professional experience through the acquisition of innovative qualifications, in order to facilitate personal development, which will increase employability through the promotion of the participation in the European labour market. We consider that this project is based on essential questions, such as the politics to youngsters, the prevention of school dropouts and the acquisition of skills and knowledge considered fundamental to the development of youngsters and adults, in an Europe of all. This project is totally in accordance with EUROPE’S STRAGTEGY 2020, contributing to an Intelligent, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.



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