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Envoi en missions SVE dans l'Euromed
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 30 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Montpellier is a "young" city situated in an area undergoing both cultural influences from Europe and the Mediterranean Basin at the same time. It has a pool of youngsters sensitive to international news from the Euro-Mediterranean area what may have local implications. We are therefore particularly suited to provide a dynamic of intercultural exchanges in the Euro-Mediterranean level. The aim of our project is to promote the engagement of youngsters living in all areas of Montpellier for solidarity between peoples in the Euro-Mediterranean area through EVS. Objectives are : > Sensitize youngsters of Montpellier to the need to commit to solidarity among peoples in the Euro-Mediterranean area > Create spaces for intercultural encounters and social diversity for all youngsters of Montpellier, whether they are from popular areas or from other more residential areas of the city > Develop educational tools to mobilize local youth on issues related to mutual commitment at the Euro-Mediterranean level The main activities of the volunteer during his mission will be on the topic "environmental education" and revolve around three types of tasks: organization, creation and cooperation. They will take place at the hosting organization as well as in educational institutions of the community. Their distribution is well balanced throughout the week. Within our EVS team and with the volunteer, we chose to use active and creative learning methods stimulating the group dynamic and focused on the sharing of questions, knowledge and experiences, such as : active sharing of experience, individual/interpersonal/group work, weekly space for reflection and assessment of learning process, workshops. The main impact expected on this first volunteer we are sending in EVS is a revitalization of his life plan : personal and relational development, improving employability, developing its citizen spirit. The intercultural experience lived will awake a sense of belonging to different communities (cultural, local, national, international). He will better know who he is / what he wants / what he is capable of and strengthen his spirit of citizenship, which can lead to civic engagement in his community on his return. Florent is the first of nine youngsters for which we would allow a broadening of horizons, other ways of life and possible commitment to strengthen solidarity among peoples in the Euro-Mediterranean level.



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