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Environmental and Safety Management Cooperation on Shoreline Oil Spill Response (EnSaCo Oil Spill )
Date du début: 30 sept. 2009, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Oil transportation and other traffic in the Central Baltic Sea are growing steadily, increasing the risk of pollution from ships. The project aims to reduce negative environmental and socio-economic impacts of an oil spill accident through rapid and efficient shoreline oil spill response. Authorities responsible for shoreline (including archipelago) oil spill response recognize that their readiness to act is not at an adequate level and have launched an initiative, the EnSaCo Oil Spill project. The project is of importance as it can substantially contribute to improving the preparedness of Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Russia to respond to pollution from ships in the Central Baltic Sea. The main objective of the EnSaCo Oil Spill project is to raise the level of expertise and to intensify cross-border shoreline response by jointly developing new practical management tools and efficient cooperation methods, including oiled wildlife response, among authorities, NGOs and educational institutions in Estonia, Finland (incl. Åland), Sweden and Russia. Such practical target-oriented cooperation aiming at intensified cross-border shoreline oil spill response from environmental and safety management perspective has not so far existed. The objectives support the requirements and recommendations of international agreements concerning cross-border cooperation on shoreline oil spill response management, HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan being the most stringent of those. All project activities have been designed to respond to the requirements of the Baltic Sea Action Plan related to enhancing cross-border cooperation on shoreline response and integration of wildlife response into rescue services contingency planning. The objectives of the project can be achieved through the following work packages: WP1 Project management and coordination WP2 Developing efficient tools for cross-border shoreline oil spill response management WP3 Developing and training oiled wildlife response WP4 Developing and training practical cross-border shoreline oil spill response WP5 Developing and organizing a management level learning arena (seminars and workshops) for shoreline oil spill response + communication with stakeholders. Project activities include practical development work supported by international and national workshops, seminars, oiled wildlife rehabilitation trainings and a cross-border, hands-on oil spill exercise. Development work will be done by Estonian, Finnish, Swedish and Russian shoreline authorities and NGOs supported by educational institutions. The results of the project are relevant to the safe and healthy environment of the Central Baltic Sea, as all shoreline oil spill authorities of Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Russia are committed to the project activities either as project partners or as key stakeholders. Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) closely follows the project and contributes to it as an additional partner and as a steering group member. Achievements: The aim of EnSaCo Oilspill was to promote the ability of key organisations - like national, regional and local rescue services and national authorities responsible for contingency planning - to respond on oil spills on shores. One concrete goal was to develop new management tools and practices in a joint, cross-border context in cooperation between Estonia, Finland and Sweden. The partners developed an electronic management tool to be further developed by relevant authorities and HELCOM. The tool deals with mobilisation of technical and human resources and how to give priority to valuable areas in case of oilspills. The practical development work was supported by international and national workshops, seminars, trainings and international hands-on oil spill exercises. In addition, several manuals were produced.



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