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Entwicklung einer Toolbox zur Unterstützung von Flüchtlingen und Beschäftigten in der Flüchtlingsarbeit
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PURPOSEVocational education and training systems in origin countries of refugees are often not comparable to those systems that are spread all over Europe. Thus a recognition of the profession refugees might have is often not possible. Additionally, this target group can often not provide any evidence supporting the existing professional skills and abilities. Therefore entering the labour market as well as an approach to vocational education and training systems in the hosting countries are very difficult for refugees. Finally this leads to the consequence that the integration process is nearly impossible.Therefore, the purpose of the project is to enable refugees improved basic approaches to enter the educational system in participating project countries. With regards to the Paris-declaration refugees should get the chance to work in their hosting countries faster and way more easily. OBJECTIVEThe project objective is to develop the following innovative intellectual outputs branded "RefuTools", which are to be regarded as a holistic approach of mutually complementaring outputs.O1) Integration.Guide: Web-based app for smartphones with information about the daily life in participating project countries for refugeesO2) Educational Theater: Workup of relevant behaviors for refugees in the project partner countries.O3) Board Game: Playful learning about soft skills, which are important for the social integration in the project partner countries.O4) Curriculum: Mediation of lower vocational skills and knowledge in the construction sector.PRIMARY TARGET GROUPThe intellectual outputs to develop are available for refugees who either arrived on their escape in one of the participating project partner's countries or for refugees who keep on travelling from partner countries to other target countries to seek asylum. SECONDARY TARGET GROUP The intellectual outputs are also available for workers in refugee relief. Cross-COUNTRY REFERENCEIn all partner countries there is an enoumerous need for action in supporting the refugee work. On the one hand there are countries in the mainstream of refugee movements such as Bulgaria, Slowenia and Austria, where refugees arrive and only stay for a couple of weeks intending to keep on travelling. On the other hand countries like Italia, Spain and Germany belong to those countries, where refugees finally seek for asylum when having passed their way through Southern or Eastern Europe. For this reason, the project partners have agreed on pooling their expertise to develop the four project results as mentioned above internationally. Different project teams (composed of minimum two partner countries) work on the cross-border design, development and on the set of the four "RefuTools"; moreover, a project website, evaluation concept and newsletters are to be developed in common.



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