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Entrepreneurship for Rural Areas and Social Integration – Network for Guidance and Education
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is addressing to more than one field and developing horizontal skills: European cross-boarding entrepreneurship based on international communication in foreign languages and ICT . All partners in this project realized a needs analysis among their learners that revealed a very large need of entrepreneurial education to be provided to high-school students, young people and adults and this is much more stringent in rural communities. To solve this need our project pursue following objectives: -To built a network of VET schools, nongovernmental organizations, SMEs, social and cultural entrepreneurs from 7 European countries that will create cross-sectoral curriculum and a virtual learning environment for future entrepreneurs -To provide this learning resources widely as OER via Internet, workshops, conferences, networks, learning fairs ,inside participating organizations and to their local partners. -To include OER in curriculum of high-schools and LLL providers. The problem we are addressing is extended in many countries and it cannot be solved without international cooperation. The project we are proposing will create completely new learning opportunities and curriculum that will combine non-formal educational methods with formal vocational education & training. We will create intellectual outputs containing guidance and know -how for entrepreneurs that will want to activate in social sector or rural areas. A guide for young entrepreneurs and an e-learning platform will be created. This outputs will be useful for high schools , youth organizations and adult education providers and we will spread them as OER by fairs, dedicated multiplier events, magazines and exhibitions. Our project will focus on 3 main goals : -provide a step by step guide and a virtual international laboratory on an e-learning platform for young entrepreneurs that want to open a business in any of the countries from our partnership and offer them as OER accessible any time , anywhere by the interested people ;(lesson learned from iVOC project) -promote entrepreneurship encourage creativity and innovation of students , employees ,young or adult learners by organizing workshops, fairs, exhibitions, and virtual communities . -Introduce our outcomes into curriculum of High-schools and VET schools and recognize learners entrepreneurial competences at national and international level. Changing of policies regarding to entrepreneurial education in schools. Each organization will add it's experience and because we have in partnership VET schools , adult education providers ,cultural NGOs, SMEs and youth organizations will be a cross-sectoral education . The project intellectual outputs will be transfered to other target groups , countries and organizations from the huge networks of the participating organizations and to new learners by sharing them on Internet. The project will offer accessible learning opportunities for disadvantaged person. A timetable with all the project activities, intellectual outputs and multiplier events was created; the budget for each activity is also in the timetable. This document will be agreed by all the partners and an internal joint assessment paper will be signed by all the partners during the first project meeting when they will define in a detailed and concrete manner the engagements, a performance protocol agreement in which tasks, payment procedures and responsibilities of each of us with respect to time frame and activities and a comprehensive plan-programme will be developed and approved by each partner ,which will be the perfect tool to ensure the development of the project and their management. The continuous evaluation of the project will be ensured by both internal and external actions, trough it we want to guarantee the quality of project and the meeting of learners needs, to make possible adjustments of plans and activities according with evaluation results. We will realize 5 international meetings , a virtual mobility of learners in which we will offer training activities for transversal skills development to 10 learners in each organization on an e-learning platform and 7 multiplier events , one in each participating country for spread of project results.



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