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Entrepreneurship and economic growth on the basis of local natural and cultural resources
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Entrepreneurship and economic growth on the basis of local natural and cultural resources" is a project that includes the upper secondary schools IES Fuerte de Cortadura in Cádiz,Spain, and Valdres vidaregåande skule in Valdres, Norway. The aim of the project is to develope entrepreneurship as a way of thinking and acting, in order to resolve future (in Norway) and present (in Spain) problems such as unemployment and low economic growth. Despite the obvious differences, the regions of Valdres and Andalucía, Cádiz in particular, have many things in common. In both regions tourism is one of the biggest branches, whereas industry is almost not present. Both regions have nature-based tourism, though in very different surroundings, and both regions have strong cultural traditions. Valdres is one of the regions in Norway where the general level of education is low, which is the case also in Cádiz. Spain as a whole suffers from unemployment among young people, as a result of the economic crisis after 2008. In Norway the situation is different, but the Norwegian economy is oil-based, and that raises the question: From what will we earn our living when the oil-era has come to an end? Valdres is also one of the regions in Norway where there is little direct involvment in the oil economy, and we see other regions develope faster and adapt more quickly to world market needs. Therefore in both regions a stronger emphasis on entrepreneurship seems to be a good way to overcome the challenges of the (future/ present) economic situation. The main activity of the project will be mutual visits for two groups of 7 students and 3 teachers in Cádiz and Valdres. During the 7 days visits there will be different activites and subprojects for the students to resolve. The tasks and activities will revolve around the possibilities for establishment in the two regions: What natural and cultural assets to the to regions have? What rules and regulations must be followed by entrepreneurs? Are there organizations that can offer economical support or competence to entrepreneurs? What are the criteria for success according to those who have made it? The project will increase the competence in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation in both schools. The students who participate will learn to see themselves as future entrepreneurs, and they will be able to use the knowledge in their future proffesional life, as well as inspiring fellow students in school. Both schools wish to contribute to their local communities by building skills and competence needed by both teachers, students and other stakeholders outside the schools. We believe this project will be of value to the local economic growth on longer terms.



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