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Entrepreneurial youth
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The " Entrepreneurial youth " is a youth exchange which involved young people from the following countries : Poland , Slovakia, Lithuania, Cyprus , Bulgaria and Romania . Each country will be represented by 6 people ( 5 participants plus the leader of the group ) . This young people are active in their local communities . Besides they are interested in their own self-development and developing their skills and competencies. They want to get know the world, new people and learn new things . The project will be an opportunity to do so. The aim of the project is to combat unemployment of young people in the European Union. Participants will take part in workshops with writing a resume , writing a cover letter , creating their own business. Participants, together will carry out a simulation of the interview. There will also be a meeting with Polish entrepreneurs , who will provide advice for how to find an idea and start their own company . Young people will also have to learn more about their countries . During the project we will use the method of non-formal education: workshops , discussions , presentations , simulations, meeting with entrepreneurs . The expected result of the project is to increase the skills and competences of young people that will be useful to them in the labor market . This will increase their competitiveness and make it easier to be able to find a job. Potential will result in the establishment of new firms by the participants , thanks to knowledge gained from the exchange . The potential long term benefit is the reduction of unemployment in the European Union. Another of the benefits will be new projects in Erasmus + created by these people .



5 Participants partenaires