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Entrepreneurial Universities for Industry Alliances
Date du début: 15 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 14 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims to develop links between universities and enterprises in order to enhance teaching and learning, upgrade the curricula in line with the needs of enterprises and improve the financial sustainability of HEIs in Kosovo.Enterprise managers will be appointed to university committees as the voice of the private sector to help universities design programmes of study in line with the needs of enterprises and the labour market. Universities will send a number of their lecturers to companies for a short placement period to observe the working of companies and identify challenges facing them. The lecturers will use their knowledge of the companies and the insights they have gained to prepare material for case studies. EU partners will assist the Kosovar lecturers to write case studies which can be used in the classroom. The use of case studies, particularly those based on Kosovar companies, is rare in Kosovo and will require a change in teaching, learning and assessment methods with a positive impact on students’ preparedness for the labour market.The project will also identify the knowledge and skills gap in university graduates through a Survey of the 50 largest companies. It will be used by universities to revise their curricula in order to embed in their programmes the knowledge and skills required by enterprises. EU partners, using their own experience, will support the Kosovar colleagues in this endeavour.Using the Survey, the project will also identify the training and other needs of enterprises. Universities will offer training courses and consultancy to companies. EU partners will also provide updating visits for the Kosovar teaching staff. The provision of these services will improve the financial sustainability of Kosovar universities.Finally, universities will establish SME Advice Centres and will work with SMEs to identify their specific problems and provide appropriate advice for them.



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