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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The fact of difficulties in finding a job experienced by our friends who has graduated from our department or our faculty and the fact that they do not have sufficient knowledges about entrepreneurship encouraged us to write this project.One of our main reasons of writing the project is to develop the entrepreneurship in the society and to work on raising awareness towards social entrepreneurship.According to the datas of Eurostat it takes on average 2 years to find a job after the university.This period of time is possible to be longer to 4 years in countries that are under crisis.The number of entrepreneurs in these countries is constantly decreasing and many entrepreneur souls disappear before arising.The question is if it is possible to prevent crisis without having entrepreneurs.We set activities in our activity plan with the aim of coping with this problem.Our prior criterion of choosing the partners has been the percentage of unemployment and the number of entrepreneurs in those countries. In this context, partners have been included from Romania and Italy which are countries that have high percentage of unemployment and entrepreneurship. Organisation from Sweden which has the lowest percentage of unemployment, United Kingdom and Turkey have close to average of EU. We choosed these countries so that our partners mentioned about different entrepreneurship opportunities in their regions and need to know more about other possibilities.Our participants will be aged between 19-26 and there will be no age limit for leaders.In our project where 5 participants from each country will take part, priority will be given to choosing women participants.Most of the activities will be managed by youngsters while non-formal education methods are frequently used. The methods of discussion,presentation,free invention method,self-discovery,effective communication,making criticism,thinking from the general to the specific and vice versa,team work,individual work,using body language,learning by experience will be firstly aimed. The participants will improve their qualifications of expressing themselves both in their native languages and in a foreign language by the activities throughout the project.Participant youngsters will have an understanding of what entrepreneurship means and will gain a knowledge base for coping better with the problem of unemployment.Our participants will be individuals who take active part in the society,have an understanding of the structure and the principle of mechanism of the European Union and gain socially a higher level in the society through the new knowledges that they gain and the activities implemented.Particularly the development of their entrepreneurial spirits will contribute to their taking part in the society with more power.



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