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ENTERpreneurSHIP, welcome on board
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "ENTERpreneurSHIP: welcome on board" is a 8 day training course for youth workers and youth leaders. The main aim of the project is to introduce youth entrepreneurship as a tool of fighting youth unemployment and empower youngsters to start their creative search entrepreneurial opportunities. During the training people who work directly with young people (who are either current of future job-seekers) will learn how to to introduce the idea of entrepreneurship to young people, how to motivate them to be pro-active and how to support them during the process of applying entrepreneurial approach into career development. The project is organized and executed in North Holland, the Netherlands including 3 participants from 8 different European countries (the Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Italy and Cyprus). During the training course participants will become familiar with unemployment issues in different countries, concept of entrepreneurial competence, social responsibility of companies and other important points that are connected with the topic of entrepreneurship. The projects seeks to make impact on a bigger level and start empowering and motivating young people all-over Europe to become master's of own faith and also potential socially responsible employers for peers, by training youth workers & youth leaders to work with young people on this topic. Objectives of the training course are:- To introduce the entrepreneurial competence to youth workers and what it consists of;- To raise the awareness of entrepreneurship as a career option by training youth workers to pass the knowledge & skills to young people from their communities;- To raise the role of creativity that drives innovation in entrepreneurship by presenting example from the business world;- To introduce tools to youth workers for promoting entrepreneurial attitude among youngsters;- To raise motivation of youth workers to promote entrepreneurial attitude among youth to get involved in entrepreneurship;- To explain and promote socially responsible entrepreneurship amongst youth workers;- To get an overview of entrepreneurship opportunities in different European countries;- To introduce Erasmus+ Programme to youth workers as a possible tool for developing entrepreneurial attitude and skills amongst young people (transnational youth initiatives, youth exchanges).



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