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Enterpreneurship is a piece of cake
Date du début: 5 août 2015, Date de fin: 4 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Entrepreneurship is actually a piece of cake. Sweet and easy to do! But that is not a common opinion among youngsters in Europe. It is often mystified with heavy economic terms, processes and complicated bureaucracy while in the end it is an activity of responsibly doing what you love with some useful economic tools. Really not hard to do. With project “Entrepreneurship is a piece of cake” we worked on changing youngsters opinion from “Being entrepreneur is complicated and hard” to “Being entrepreneur is simple and fun”. Through 9 days of activities, games and workshops, and a simple and easy going approach explication of the entrepreneurial process, young people learned about basic tools necessary to implement their business ideas into action. They managed this with activities of creating & planning. marketing, partnering up and public relations. Also with erasmus plus activity where focus was on possibilities of funding their own projects, as this program was presented in a view of social entrepreneurship. Through this main activities participants created a brand new organisation from scratch with all realistic activities, plans and attributes needed to function on market. In cooperation with partner organizations from Poland, Macedonia and Bulgaria 35 youngsters got opportunity to learn from their peers and through practical examples. In this way, the entrepreneurial process was simplified and demystified while participants experienced it as something fun and feasible. Background of participants is youngsters who are motivated to develop their ideas, projects or organisations but don’t understand the process of entrepreneurship. Through project we worked on objective to change the attitude of young people towards entrepreneurship from passive to active, raised level of self-confidence and challenged them to dare to start their own business. We also worked on raising awareness that young people are ones that drive economy and create jobs. One of the ongoing goals is to break stereotype that to be entrepreneur you should have years and years of experience, that entrepreneurs are mostly old people and young people can not be successful entrepreneurs due to lack of work experience. Tangible results of the projects are motivation video ˝Entrepreneurship is a piece of cake˝, booklet of business plans of created organisations (materials that participants developed during project), other multimedia and youthpasses.Intangible results are entrepreneurship knowledge and experience gained by participants. New developed skills and attitudes toward entrepreneurship. Improved cultural awareness and European identity. Long-term benefits are to increase the rate of self-employment of the youth, reduce the rate of unemployment among young people and increase rate of young people among entrepreneurs.



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