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"enter:trust" Summer exchange and empowerment experience for young Europeans from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“enter:trust”Summer exchange and empowerment experience for young Europeans from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic Europe and especially the European Union are not in a good shape. The economic crisis, the refugee challenge, terror threats and authoritarian tendencies in the neighbouring countries increasingly put into question the common European values such as democratic principles, basic freedoms and pluralism. The trust in the stabilizing effect of European integration in politics and society as well as the perception of the EU as the answer to the multiple crises deteriorate. As a result, the willingness of the member states and societies to engage themselves financially, personally etc. in order to overcome the multiple challenges weakens. Instead, they increasingly concentrate on national interests while European basic values and principles are being instrumentalized for political power plays in domestic and foreign policy. The growth of populism and the assurance of radical changes in Europe are the consequences of these developments. The trust crisis is enforced by the mediatization of politics, the revolution of access to information and the omnipresence of social media, which promise easy solutions and simple answers and hereby spread unfiltered truths, contortions, false statements and propaganda. This is an ideal breeding ground for stereotypes and prejudices and leads inevitably to the polarization of society and the rise of conflicts between different sections of the population and states. Especially young people in Europe are strongly affected by these developments.Given these new and diverse challenges, it is important to maintain the dialogue between young Europeans from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic and to foster a culture of critical debate und constructive criticism in order to cherish the mutual understanding and the trust in the importance of cooperation in and for Europe as well as to empower young people for active roles in the democratic life. This is the main objective of the summer exchange and empowerment experience for young people ‘enter:trust’. Together with 21 young Europeans from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, we would like to find answers to the following questions:- What are the main problems and disputes in our perception of Europe?- What do we want others to think of us?/How do we want to be approached and described by others? - How do we define principles such as pluralism, political correctness and freedom of speech? - How do we face ‘hate’ in the media, on the internet and in everyday life?- How can we develop a European culture of shared values, critical discourse and constructive dialogue? We will bring together young people with different nationalities and professional backgrounds (students, young leaders and activists) and engage them in multiple activities concerning the current challenges of European Integration. We will get to know their points of view, their fears and problems. Furthermore, we will interest them in an interactive exchange of knowledge, opinions and hopes. Moreover, we will encourage them to leave their national perceptions behind and to jointly elaborate a constructive discussion about the German-Polish-Czech cooperation in Europe on the people-to-people basis.One week of workshops, group discussions, debates, experimental phases in an innovation lab, study trips, joint presentations and meetings with experts of different origins will enable the participants not only to deepen their knowledge and to widen their horizons but also to change perspectives. Furthermore, the project will strengthen their intercultural competencies, theirpresentation and discussion skills as well as their soft skills. Finally, the exchange offers an excellent opportunity for networking and for discussing the possibilities of social commitment. Jointly elaborated video and print material will document the results of the workshop from the participants’ point of view and disseminate the outcome to the wider public in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The seminar will be held in English.



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