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Enter Our Ship : The Entrepreneurship !
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The international training course “Enter Our Ship : The Entrepreneurship !” is seeking to train and equip youth workers and leaders who work directly with young, unemployed people (especially in deprived, rural and urban areas) with essential business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, in order to make them able to contribute to the limitation of unemployability among youth, mainly through promoting self-employment and entrepreneurial culture.Entrepreneurial experiences – such as making mistakes, trying a concept, developing ideas, actually building, managing, and growing organizations, raising real funds, failing, trying again, building intellectual capital and managing it, and translating intellectual value into economic and social value – should be the acid test in being able to develop an educated opinion about entrepreneurship. Therefore, by converting all these real examples into practical activities, the trainers and the experts on entrepreneurial fields will be able to attract the attention and the imagination of young people and provide them with all the essential tools for taking conscious decisions based on realistic economic and social conditions.Young leaders from our organizations recognized the need of practical education on entrepreneurship and prepared project called “Enter Our Ship : The Entrepreneurship !” that will be hosted in Roubaix by Organisation Française de la Coopération Internationale from 14/06/2016 until 21/06/2016 in cooperation with partner organizations from Spain, Poland, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, Portugal that will be represented by 2 participants each. The paramount aim of this projects is to apply entrepreneurship activities by using non-formal methods to practice entrepreneurship in such a way that youth workers could provide young people with a range of potentials on entrepreneurship!The objectives-To promote practical methods in approaching entrepreneurship education.- Practice to practice entrepreneurship through workshops and practical exercises- To understand changing and dynamic nature of entrepreneurship.- To empower job seekers to become self-employed.-To develop creative and entrepreneurial spirit of young people.- To acquire skills and specific knowledge using non-formal education by developing of human personality and developing set of skills necessary for entrepreneurs. - To develop new contacts with organizations from EU to create stronger partnerships for future projects in the European context.-To promote and develop innovative ideas and share good practices.



11 Participants partenaires