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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is a joint mobility project of the students and the staff with the participation of 14 students –from different 3 vocational highschools – who are between 15-18 of ages have the education of logistic and including 5 companions and 12 teachers in total from all schools.There is also a student with moderate physical disabilty involving in the project.The participant schools are Doç.Dr. Burhan Bahriyeli Vocational and Technical Anatolian Highschool, Avcılar Mehmet Emin Horoz Vocational and Technical Anatolian Highschool, Bursa Nilüfer Feriha Uyar Vocational andTechnical Highschool. In 21 st century logistic which shows a rapid change in world economy has been gaining strategic importance with globalzation. Today international trade can only be carried out in the framework of modern logistics activities. Logistics activities in ecomonic growth of a country well position with the help of the value added they create both in business world and social life and with the shares in the gross national product in industrial economy modern logistic activities are provided just with optimal planning of rail,sea and land transports which should be integrated with each oter. The objectives of vocational education and training is to motivate young people to complete a programme that can qualify them for employment at the same time to create individulas who can think analitically, have the ability of problem sloving who have the basic knowledge of logistics management and also to manipulate the logistics strategies and techniques. To give the young people a taste of further education and active participation in society by developing the students, personal and social skills like instilling a spirit of independence and cooperation and stimualting their awareness about innovation environment and internationalsation. Increasing investment for railways in recent years has revealed the need for well-trained professionals . The presence of a chapter including from transportation to logistics in the 62nd government programe indicates this reality.When currently operating the Marmaray is integrated into The Kars -Baku –Tbilisi, hereby there would be an alternative rail transport to Trans-Siberian,as a result of this, with the disabling of Russia,it has led to the eyes of the Central Asian countries and Far Eastern countries, especially of European countries turned to Turkey.Even only this case proves that railway transportation in Turkey gained not only national, but also international attention. Along with the Marmaray, the articulation of the dream that complete international passenger and cargo route from Beijing to London, the idea of the passengers and freight transport by high-speed train through the third Bosphorus Bridge reveals the requirement for regional storages and industries with railway connection.It obviously reveals the lack of necessary experts in the sector.Together with its advantangeous locaiton between Asia and Europe and its favourable industry dynamics and the 2023 growth targets, Turkey is able to come to a transfer center in the region.However, rail transport is still regarded as a hidden garden in our country.This is also reflected in our schools, so it triggers our lack of material and equipment in the railway transport logistics division.The inadequacy of existing hardware also hinder our students from achieving their goals. At the same time, the facts that the logistics teaching is new in our country,meeting the teachers shortage from other areas,the railway has newly become a state policy and the processes of the adaptation to our current education system are the reasons why we are coming up with a project on a railway.We aim to provide an applied training to the participants of our project by EU countries which use the railway effectively, get them to see over the industrial zones with the railway network and the added value resulting from the benefits of port and rail combined transport activites. With the internship practice that will be done on railway, we aim to be the supporter to their professional progress. With our project our students will have the opportunity to convert their education into practical experience on abroad. They can be qualified on railways by means of internship, visiting business offices and seminars. At the same time our participation group will be the solution to the necessity of qualified employee that is necessary for the railway sector which gains a new view with investments of government. With our project we are thinking of preparing qualified employee that will be necessary to the railway sector. At the same time, with our project by attracting attention both in our region and in Turkey; we intend to consider learning railway transportation important which is essential from now on. Our project will come off between Dec 2015 and June 2016, with 2 courses to Czech Rep. 1 course to Hun. 1 course to Ger.; totally with 58 participants.



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