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Ensi askelia kansainväliseen vertaismentorointiin - International peer-group mentoring
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Siilinjärvi adult education center is a well known, attractive, up-to-date institute for inhabitants of Siilinjärvi. Adult education center is to become an international. One of the main aims of the institute. In regional peer mentoring education there raised an idea to develop peer mentoring from a regional level to the international level. In the first mobility period the main aim is to network together with the European collaborators. By job shadowing we can get acquainted with the adult education centers, their educational methods and improve our subject knowledge. In near future we hope be able to develop deeper knowledge in peer mentoring between Finland and European adult education centers. We also hope that we could create continous connection, air bridge, between Finland and European adult education centers . The most important tools for keeping the connecion alive is to utilize social media and other information technology. At the first stage, headteachers and full-time teachers in out institute would participate in the mobility . As we believe that those who have the tightest connection to the institute are more willing to develop the institute in the future. The main point in the first mobility round is to network so we could utilize the European teachers ”know-how”. We also hope that we could learn more about education´s substance. We hope that this cooperation will develop peer mentoring method from the regional model to the international model. Peer mentoring is a good tool to develop our own substance knowledge, education dilemmas and sharing our joys and sorrows. The knowledge that teachers get from the moving period will be shared with other teachers in development discussions and in common teachers meeting. We also hope that we could take the international experinece and knowledge back to local sharing peer mentoring with regional adult education centers. In the near future, as consortium, we hope to apply for a new fund to develop regional and international cooperation, to create stronger Mid Finland adult education center. The adult education centers compete more and more for people´s, our customers, freetime with other organizers. So to become an attractive and fashionable adult education center every institute has to dot a lot to keep the customers. Institutes have to keep in mind the the thought that the law has drawn: to organize education in the basics of life long learning to enhance social unity, equality and active citizenship. International cooperation, peer mentoring, will develop the teacher, the institute and local adult education cooperation.