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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We experience many violence and disciplinary cases in our schools. • Disrespectful behaviors to the teachers and the other students and attack. In the years 2012-13-14 to 8-11-16 cases. • Keeping drinks with alcohol and, recreational drugs using them. In the years 2012-13-14 to 3-5-9 cases. • Not to adapt timeline, of lessons, disarrange flow of lesson and other crimes. In the years 2012-13-14 to 9-13-19 cases have been picked out. We are solving many of these cases without sending discipline committee. In recent years, increase of narcotic material increase level of violence between students makes us nervous. Disciplinary cases increased average %45 in every year. At this point, we prefer to inflict punishments like sending other schools or giving short time suspension, instead of expelling. But these students are returning our school with transfer request after a year and it is inevitable to communicate with these students. Because of the returned disciplined students coming back to school for distance education has been reached to 30% among all of them. On the other hand while we think about to be tolerant against these students, we exposure disrespectful behaviors, threats and attacks in person. Teaching needs dedicating to himseself to positive behaviors against all negativities of the the system and laws. The needs for being a role model, for our teachers to actively participate in the activities. It is being a necessity for us to produce applications and find solutions to our problems about our scholls and problematic students with making some comparisons between application in some other schools in Europe. Predicted results and effeckts : •1 Headmaster •1 Headmaster Assistant, •1 School Psychological Counselor •1 English Teacher •5 Class Psychological Counselors, •4 Vocational Teachers, •5 Cultural Lessons Teachers The selection of participants and necessary introduction and informatory activities will be accomplished after acceptance of our project. Our mobility will be started at 18th April 2016 to Málaga/Spain. İnthe schedule there is an orientation activities in the 2nd day, the technical tours are on the between 3rd and 9th days and there are visiting of 2 vocational high schools, 1 student hostel, 1 Psychological Counsel Association and 1 Police Department. On the 10th day there will be a seminar. The day before the going back to Mugla, on the 11th day will be an evaluation/assessment meeting and certificate ceremony 12th day is coming back to Mugla During the technical tour a survey will be conucted to teachers and students. This survey will be conducted through active participations and inspections will be recorded. In the evenings there will be interactive evaluations through brain storming. Our seminar will be conducted using the techniques of role playing and presentations. Predicted results and effects : •Our corporations have been recognized internationally. •International communication and dialogue channels have been developed. •The good examples are adapted to our school based on Europe quality standarts. •Different methods and behaviors have been developed to stop the violence in our schools •Current methods have been developed to identified and protect our students that need help. •Positive contributions have been provided to our leadership, communication and education. •The motivation on combating violence in schools have been increased. •Methods that are eliminating the psychological pressure of violence have been determined. •The capability of the participants have been increased by contributions of their Psychological and pedagogical development. •Advanced techniques have been applied according to EU standard on students in, controlling violence and protecting from violence, being calm and right action in case of violence. •New point of view has been produced on assessment of disciplinary cases through international models. • Good models in Europe have been integrated in to our school. Our project is going to reach 4056 people. When we return, the seminars will be organized for 40 teachers in our school and Menteşe county about leadership, effective combating against violence and overcoming the stress. Our gains will be increased through sharing all other schools of our county. Our project will be reached all around of Mugla when the teachers are transferred to other schools. In the long run : Good application in Europe will be adapted to our schools with blending our culture. Information transfer has been continued with international communication. The disciplinary cases will be decreased. Negative effects of violence will be decreased with perceivable rate. Our school will has mission about combating violence at schools. Academic success and interest to our school will increase in the environment of peace and happiness. Positive contributions will be provided to our students to complete their education not being expell from the school.



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