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Enlightenment and Innovation, Ensured through Pre Commercial Procurement in Cities (ENIGMA)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Through the ENIGMA project, 5 cities from Sweden, Finland, Italy,The Netherlands and Norway will initiate a joint Pre-Competitive Procurement process leading to the procurement of innovative solutions and radical improvements for these and other cities' urban safety and energy efficiency using next generation ICT applications in the context of innovative public lighting systems in part of their city fabric. They will be working with and supported by a range of knowledge and networking partners.ENIGMA will bring together procurers and experts from 9 European countries as well as a wider group of associate cities and partners from several more EU member states to learn and contribute to the PCP process. The project aims at bringing radical improvements to the quality and efficiency of public services (local and national) by supporting the development and validation of breakthrough solutions through a joint Pre-Commercial Procurement process.This objective will be reached through the following types of activities:1. Joint analytical and learning activities related to the PCP process and procedures, and2. The development of new, innovative ICT solutions finding their application in public lighting application with a view to enhance urban safety and improve energy consumption, procured through a joint transnational PCP process;3. Networking, coordination and EU wide awareness raising activities related to PCP.ENIGMA will focus on PCP in connection to the theme of lighting. Solutions for urban public lighting applications will be linked to the following sub-themes, both important societal challenges in European cities today, each of which will be addressed through a series of different project activities:• Security and urban safety• Energy efficiencyThe project will cover the full PCP life cycle of solution design, prototyping, and original development of a limited volume of products/services in the form of a test series executied in the 5 pilot cities.



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