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ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Healthy body, healthy mind
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Healthy body, healthy mind" is a youth exchange, within KA1 + the Erasmus program, which will take place in Castro del Río (village in the province of Cordoba) from 11th to 20th March 2016 will count on a total of 30 participants between 18 and 30 years old from Armenia, Portugal, Romania, Latvia and Spain. Castro del Río is a town located south-east of Cordoba. Its population is 8000 inhabitants, and about 2000 are aged 15 to 34 years old. This project was launched because the currently most youth does not maintain a healthy lifestyle affecting this to your day in a very negative way. Therefore, this project is structured in different block pillars to carry a healthy lifestyle. Consumption of substances harmful to the body, healthy eating, exercise: first place individual lifestyle that is taking as a result of this more personal and individualized forms a series of activities focusing on your block is performed is identified physical and self-esteem. Allowing to transform this lifestyle from the root. Moreover, this project also acquires an important role performing outdoor activities, visit and work in organic gardens and sports activities to relate what they learned in the workshops with outputs and activities outside the usual workplace, allowing this development and revitalization of youth and collaborating institutions in the project. Our general objetctives are: - Promoting a healthy lifestyle. - Promote mutual understanding between young people from different countries. - Fostering a sense of European citizenship. - Bringing young people new ways to spend their free time and leisure. Furthermore, we can also have some specific objectives: - Know the basic foods in a healthy and balanced diet. - Raise awareness among young people about the negative effects of bad habits to those accustomed (sedentary lifestyle, drugs, poor diet, etc.). - Promoting social and intercultural dialogue between young people. - Promote the role of youth as the construction of the present and future of Europe through a healthy lifestyle. - Encourage physical activity, sedentary trying to disappear among young people. Therefore, we think this exchange will allow young people (from Castro del Río and the different countries), change their perception about different countries, change their perception about different countries and work together to change their reality and be more healthy and active. Meanwhile activities are divided in: - Activities to know participants each other - Identify the individual lifestyle (OUR OWN LIFESTYLE). - Problematic consumption of substances harmful to the organism (ALCOHOL AND DRUGS). - Need for healthy eating (HEALTHY FOOD). - Making exercise (SPORT AND HEALTH). - Improved self-esteem (SELF-ESTEEM). - Development projects (DEVELOP YOUR PROJECT). - Visualization and dissemination of results. - Evaluation The methodology that we will use, will be participatory, dynamic and fostering creativity. For this purpose, we will do role play, theater forum, debates, energizer, presentations, artistic activities, etc. Last, at local, national and European / international level we would like to young people and organizations non participants in the project can learn from everything we have worked during this exchange (healthy lifestyle, mutual understanding, active citizenship) to be able to understand the differences and similarities among countries and be able to act at the individual level; and in the future we can have other young people and organizations for the development of future projects in which young people are the protagonists and they are able to change their own reality.



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