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Enjoy traditions!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In this project, all three partners will host one of the pupils’ exchanges. Eight pupils and two teachers from each participating country will meet everytime for one week. Pupils will be in the age of 12-15 years (grades 6-9). During the exchanges, participants will learn more about the country in which they will be guests, about its culture, but the exchange will be focused on important festivals, traditions and its history. Pupils will visit the partner school in the exact time of celebrating the tradition. Easter in Germany in the Easter week at the end of March 2016, Christmas in the Czech Republic in December and Carneval in Hungary in February. All participants will not only learn about the tradition, but they will mainly live the tradition. They should prepare decorations or cook and bake typical festive food themselves. They will learn some songs or poems related to the traditions. A common logo will be designed in the logo contest taking place in all classes of participating schools. This should lead also to the promotion of the project among the pupils and to the motivation to participate in the project. Pupils should produce PowerPoint presentations about their school, town, region and country and present them during the pupils' exchanges. After each exchange, they will produce a "big" presentation about the festival, its similarities and differencies in all participating countries, they will describe typical customs and include video sequencies taken during the exchange. The presentations will be in English. Before going on exchanges, pupils will learn how to use the PowerPoint programme, how to create a presentation, how to cut and include video sequencies and how to present a presentation to the public. They will also learn important vocabulary related to the traditions in English lessons. Pupils will try different Arts and Crafts during the exchanges, they will work with different materials, try different professions such as cooking, baking, decorating or wood or metal processing. This should motivate students to think about their future life and about their choice of profession. All presentations and some of little products will be showed at the final exhibition, which will be organised in each country.



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