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Enhancing the quality of mobility using ECVET
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

FB wants to provide a competitive vocational education for working life and further studies. Our goal is to enhance the cooperation between schools and the labor market. We want to make better use of the EU transparency and use the recognitions tools and dissemination of good practices both formal and informal. We know by making mobilities one of our strongest points we will improve the level of key competences and skills of young people. By given them the opportunity to the inter cultural communication will improve their career prospects. Our vision and ambition is to be known for having mobility as a big part of the school teaching methods and by doing that we will give our students and staff the experience to be a part of the European society. We are committed to provide our students with necessary competence needed to be able to work in an international environment. We aim at increasing the quantity and quality of preparation activities and we will use effective monitoring during the stay and dissemination and evaluation of their work. We believe this project will enrich both our students and staff and increase their self esteem and language skills and at the same time they get to know other countries and learn about their cultures. All students work abroad will be fully valued as a part of their vocational education. By international mobility they will strengthen their cooperation skills and make strong network between schools and employers in Europe. We are the largest community college in Iceland with the most diverse student population in the country in terms of ethnicity, economical background and age. We consider it an important opportunity for our students to be able to participate in international projects. Not only do we believe that the project will enhance our staff professional skills but also contribute to their personal development. This project provides our school with the opportunity to share the expertise and knowledge that the school has developed. The quality of our partners schools absolute increase the quality of our work together as we now know each other by now and work well together. We want to broaden our partnership by adding Denmark, Finland and Spain to our cooperations countries. We want to better the quality of the exchange and increase the volume of mobility at our school as we believe that will develop our students and staff and make the more mature and encourage us all to learn and practice more foreign languages. We aim to give as many vocational students as possible the chance to go abroad on work placements and have it included in their profile and their Europass CV. It will definitely improve the quality of their education. We will be sending 14 students and 14 staff members in our project.



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