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Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Vet-Learners with "Red Book"
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project idea was born from the urgent needs of vocational education&training after long debates.The project team made literature reviews,surveys and analyzes on the project topic.Vocational education&traininng is strikingly important for the future economy and labor force.In Karaman,Turkey,the business market needs more qualified welders,mechanics, technicians and electricians.Within the scope of the project,we expect to add more values in teaching and training of vet learners.2015 Erasmus+ Programme Guide,the relationships with business market and labor force of vet learners recommended activities and projects in the field of vocational education&training. Within the project,the practical objectives are *Identifying the needs of business market *Informing vet teachers about new job opportunities *Creating new job opportunities and facilities for vet learners in the lights of business market *Job based professional development and the understanding of teaching *Supporting vet teachers and trainers' professional development *Exchanging good practises *Identifying vet learners' needs and the second action will be; nalayzing their skills and characters *Designing job based curriculumn for vet leraners *Creating solutions for the problems of vet teaching&training system *New, balanced and regarding the needs of firms and factories teaching and curriculumn design *Monitoring and evaluation of learning and development of vet systems *Integrating the families in the education system *Inservice trainings of vet teachers and trainers All of these are to increase the quality of vet teaching&training system. All the activities designed and planned for the project will support these practical objectives. These activities will add values, new practises and conflict resolutions of the problems in vet teaching&training systems. Specifically the "Red Book" will guide the families, students, teachers, trainers, employees and employers in private bodies. This book is a methodological and analitical ideas and views. This collection will help vet learners plan their futures and careers. The project's Concrete Objectivities are *to create a bridge between education systems and business market *to clear out the needs of vet leraners, business market and education system * to publish a guidence book (Red Book) included,good practices on training methods,questionnaries and project activities, *to create database about Vet Learners' Competencies between EU partners *to organize meetings,discussions, analysises, seminars and questionnaires *to research vet learners' demographic, economic and psycho-social status *to create a web site of the project results that includes the details of the studies carried out by the participant organizations during the project period and also inform the press *to create "facebook Group" to review and develop best practice materials education for teachers, *to build good cooperation between the trainers,educators and the parents Number and profiles of the participants We are 11 institutes from 5different EU countries.There will be 5 transnational meetings in each partner countries. The participants in transnational meetings(total number 71)will be experts from employment agencies,department chiefs responsible for vocational education,teachers&trainers working in vocational education, specialists and project teams for each patner countries. Main Project Activities *Developments on Methodology with articles and surveys *Project book "Red Book" "Guidance Book for Enhancing Job Opportunities for Vet Learners" *Project Film *Project Logo and banners *Photo Album *Project web page *Leaflet and brochures *Seminars and conference for teachers *Press meetings *Transnational project meetings *Project "facebook" group *Social media tools for the project *Meetings with firms,factories and employees Intellectual Outputs * "Red Book" Enhancing job opportunities for vet learners" Multiplier Events; Methodolgy Study *Career guidelines,introduction and guiding vet Learners.Intellectual outputs and multilier events will directly guide the vet suppliers and vet learners to have a better education and creative trainings. Impacts envisaged and potential longer term benefits;to create awareness on vocational education to build bridges between vet centers and business world to identify vet learners and business market's needs to create solutions for vet systems' problems to decrease the number of school drops and school abandonment. Project Methodology in Logical framework;Expert Project Team- Problem Defining-SWOT Analiysis-Planning-Priorities of Grant Institution-Application Process (Partner Finding-Budget Planning)-Implementation Process- Monitoring&Evaluation-Risk Management-Interim Report- Monitoring&Evaluation-Revisions According to Feedbacks of Project Expert and Partner Institutions-Finalising the Project Activities-Dissemination Activities-Final Report-Dissemination&Sustainability.



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