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Enhancement of agricultural and fish production typical of the Venice lagoon and of the Slovenian territory.
Date du début: 31 oct. 2003, Date de fin: 29 juin 2005 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project envisages study and research activity in the field of cross-border fish and agricultural production tupical of the lagoon area, in order to enhance the the typical local products. To learn about the activities connected with fishing and aquaculture in the Venetian lagoon, one should visit the lagoon area lying North of the town, to have a look at unspoilt nature. In the lagoon, both on the coast and inside the islands, the specialized vegetable production can provide valuable produce: radicchio, peppers, artichokes, salad, peas, zucchinis, tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagi; their enhancement is the main objective of this project. First of all some thematic events have been planned: the first one, “Sant’Erasmo: a vegetable garden between land and sea”, devoted in particular to the local typical agricultural products, for the island has traditionally been considered the vegetable garden of Venice, is going to be held on Sant’Erasmo island, in the Northern Lagoon of Venice. During this event, suitable exhibition stands will show the products coming from the vegetable gardens of the island, so that visitors can taste special dishes prepared with local products (such as the violet artichoke). A further meeting is to be held on San Servolo island, whilst the closing conference is going to take place on Burano island. The initial study activity aims at preparing a publication and a CD-rom (“Products of the Venetian Lagoon”), enclosing a thematic map which will highlight the lagoon areas known for some typical vegetables.



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