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Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Comfort by Smart Light Transmittance Control (EELICON)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EELICON is concerned with an innovative switchable light transmittance technology developed previously in projects co-funded by the EU Framework Programmes. The core of this development are mechanically flexible and light-weight electrochromic (EC) film devices based on a conductive polymer nanocomposite technology with a unique property profile far beyond the current state-of-the art, opening the possibility to retrofit existing windows with a electrically dimmable plastic film. According to life cycle assessment studies, considerable energy savings may result when such films are included in appliance doors, automotive sunroofs, and architectural glazing, and the comfort is significantly enhanced. The development has been driven to the pilot-line production stage, however, the decisive step from research to innovation could not yet be accomplished for a number of technical and economic reasons. To overcome this gap, EELICON will tackle existing drawbacks by removing equipment limitations, automating processes, and establishing a high-throughput prototype production for a cost-effective high performance EC film technology in Europe. The ambitious goal will be approached by joining efforts of European and overseas players to integrate nanotechnology, materials, and production know-how, i.e., specific expertise of European SMEs. Relevant IP is available for exploitation. The project comprises a pilot-line, a validation, and a prototyping phase (incl. business planning) and fully complies with the objectives of NMP Activity 4.4 – Integration and call NMP.2013.4.0-3 - From research to innovation: Previously obtained research results are used by industry, the European paradox is relieved, valley of death is overcome by following three pillars of development eventually resulting in creation of new businesses in Europe. The project is characterised by strong industrial/SME participation. 8 out of 13 partners are industrials, 6 of which being SMEs with leading roles.



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