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Engelsiz Teknoloji
Date du début: 5 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 4 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

At present time special needs people have a significant key position in society.The education which will be necessary and useful for the special needs people became a target.Quality of the education for these people depends on the required knowledge and skill and technological experience of the trainers who carry out this education.Public education centers , provide non-formal education ,are a part of Lifelong Learning Center.Our institution ,aim to provide equal opportunities,in education and improve the vocational,technical,and personal development of the people of all ages ana from all strata.Institution need a project and project team to enhance the quality of the education for the special needs people and fulfill the needs of the staff about Information And Communication Technology(ICT)General purpose of the institution is to enhance the knowledge and skill of the staff in using ICT for the special needs people by this way to increase the institutional capasity and service quality.Special purpose is to attend a course with 8 staff for 7 days,and to increase the existent disabled trainees2 number from 10 to 30.within the scope of the project,courses ,seminars for using ICT will be organised;samples and models of the other countries will be analyzed.Accordingly in our town,fruitful and active education is aimed for special needs people to use ICT efficiently and actively.After training,a report will be prepared and published on the web site of the institution.Seminars for sharing the knowledge and skills about ICT will be arranged for the 500 staff in town in different times of the year.Thus,effectiveness of the project will expand among the trainers.Knowledge and skills that acquired after training will provide participants to gain experience about ICT and it will icrease motivation of the special needs trainees and their participation.



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