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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project is to meet the 42 trainees who are trained on furniture,electricity and metal technologies with the Eurpean experience about handicapped furniture design and production. The name of our project is ' unempeded designs for special people the project circle is between 01.10.2016 and 30.09.2017 which will last 12 months. the project owner is Gümüşhacıköy Vocational education center which is a governmental technical educational institution which is located in Gümüşhıköy town of Amasya city. there is a consorsium among 4 vocational schools that train technical personnel for furniture, metal and electricity sectors to raise the regional variety of the project targets. The project beneficiaries are the 42 furniture, electricity and metal technologies trainees from the consorsium. 6 accompanying tachers will be assigned to guide the participants vocationally and personally.the number of the total participants and trainees who will join in the mobility is 48. Germany has been chosen 3 mobilities as the European country for the mobility. the mobility dates are between 07.05.2017 and 27.05.2017 that are 21 days. The project content ; the project is based on the handicapped people who are trying to live without the help of other people and producing the furitures raising the life quality and comfort which is through the European experience . The model application ; the design and production of kitchen upper and down cupboards and the metal parts of them to fullfil the needs of handicapped and other people at home have been adopted. The project activities observation and trainings and besides the production of kitchen upper cupboard will be gained to the school. the project has the feature of concrete and objective production with this feature. The project organisation , will make a project management team for activity planning and presenting. the management team will be of consorsium members and serve for the mutual responsibilities and decisions. Observing and following the project project results will be from the outer observers from governmental authorities.the project evaluation team will be of gümüşhacıköy district national education directorate and school family association. The expected results and outcomes ; wil be handicapped kitchen technical drawings and brochures , moving upper kitchen cupboard units, technical catalogues, photos and short movies , participant certificates and europass certificates , vocational , personal and language development, to raise the employment and operational skills coming from abroad education . The project's target groups in Amasya, big and smool organisations in furniture, metal and elektiricty sektors. The middle and long term benefits of the project ; the benefits of horizontal expansion and employment in furniture ,metal and electricity sectors in our region , innovational and entrepreneur human power source, raising the life quality of our handicapped people at home, sectoral and social awareness on handicapped people's problems. The project has the topic of designing the kitchen cupboards that the handicapped people who we call as special people will use . the starting point of the project is ' there is not handicapped person. social , environmental and physical equipments make the people handicapped' inspiring from this ideal the project has been presented through the encouragement from Gümüşhacıköy district governate and district national education directorate .



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