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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our “unimpeded education umpeded production” tittled procect consist of 5 consortium members. Application owner’s agency consist of Amasya culture and Education society, members of consortiums are; Private Aydın Hayat special education and rehabilitation center, Amasya youth center and sports directorship, Suluova public-education society and Merzifon Sevinç Orhan Erzengin Provate speacial education society. Our project’s goals and purposes are; 1-According to disabled people’s needs work will be done as providing them confident, sufficiency in work life, and etrepreneurship to gain these people to society we will allow we will allow them basic activities. 2-With the aware “We might be disabled one day” we should threat them in a tolerant way and we should discriminate to them in every kind of ministration. 3-With the consortium members in our project , to observe the living space(health, education, culture, transportation etc.) for the disabled associate member of the European Union. Such studies will be spread the first in our own institution, then it will spread in the community Work, to have a job and produce is the most important part of a disabled people to be free and independent. Like people who grow in a normal way also to have gained to the disabled people care, to be employed and improving their skills, necessary information and skills, behaviours and work together. The main purpose of our project is to employ them to make them ready and make them happy and also have an attribute of public's happiness. 30 special education staff and trainers under the project, 15 disabled adults will be selected. In accordance with our project goals and objectives, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany international mobility will be provided. Our mobility that we determined with concortium agency to the EU will be implemented with a cooperative way. The applicant our association; amasya cultural and educational associations, private intellectual life rehabilitation center, amasya provincial directorate of sports and youth services,participating educators and leaders from Suluova public education center with the Union to contribute to the professional improvement. Recognition of awareness between different cultures and countries, the creation of an international network, we will have contributed to forming on the European citizenship. Our consortium of organizations through this mobility; within their organizations by creating synergy between education and entrepreneurship will continue this effect. In project instructors and students by increasing their competence, to increase the employment of people with disabilities, independent living for, that there will be contributed on behalf of the community and show what they can do. At the end of the project the behaviours which are mentioned below is waited; 1-Each indiviual will get earned sense of responsibility to in which community they live and to society and towards to the other people. 2-To increase their sensitivity to the environment in which they live and the problems of people with disabilities. 3-It will improve the sensitivity of solidarity of disabled people and being in solidarty with people who need in. 4-It will develop adult's sense of belonging to civil society organizations and society. 5-It will increase the capacity of initiative and entrepreneurship. Participants will improve their teamwork predisposition to cooperate with each other and with non-governmental organizations They will contribute their development of personal potential and will be happy to execuate a common project .



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