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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Description / Background: Although technological advances in recent years have facilitated the transition to working life of people with disabilities are still faced with problems of employment and business life. Being of persons with disabilities should be treated as all the job training program, job preparation programs, the evaluation of the performance of individuals with disabilities, the acquisition of appropriate skills requirements, job placement, job resume should include the monitoring step. Vocational training of the mentally disabled in Turkey are being conducted in business schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education. Special education vocational training centers (schools) and be taught by academic knowledge and training program that included training in business and administration skills in the field next to the uygulanır.merkez teachers in vocational courses is essential. Be able to continue their education at every level by fusing together with the teachers of the courses taught by classroom teachers in special education peers without disability in individuals with autism and individuals with katılır.zihinsel failure. The project owner as can be seen from the relevant Ministry of Education regulations and consortium of Special Education, Business Applications and Special Education mainstreaming are involved in education in yapılmaktadır.ayn the time these students unobstructed students trained in the vocational school with professional teachers in vocational training courses in related fields provided for the disabled in the Vocational Training Centre institutions . Related enough knowledge of the profession of our teachers, vocational training methods for people with mental disabilities in special education in training for the students to be able to provide more effective education to make them unique educational planning gerekmektedir. Project Objectives: Special Education students with mental retardation increasing professional competencies of teachers giving vocational training in Vocational Training Centres, Guidance and Research Centers in the mentally retarded students improve their qualifications that prepare teachers for vocational education IEP, Vocational training of mentally retarded students in vocational high schools engaged in mainstreaming is to increase the competence of vocational teachers. Number of Participants and Profile: A total of 45 from the 5 different institutions participating in the consortium will act as project staff. Participants implements vocational teacher education activities for people with mental disabilities in institutions providing vocational training services for disabled consortium, special education teachers, guidance teachers and administrators are responsible for education. Description of the project activity: It consists of 14-day staff training and study visits abroad in the project. Mobility will be carried out for three different flow. 15 participants will go to Germany for two weeks of staff training and study tours. 15 participants will go to Belgium for 2 weeks of staff training and study tours. 15 participants will go to Hungary for 2 weeks of staff training and study tours. The methodology to be used in the project to ensure the participation of all consortium partner institutions in project implementation, the project team will be determined to ensure a fair and transparent project process. Project Team; project with authorized institutions, project coordinator and members of the consortium shall be composed of a 6-person team representing an authorized partners. Selection will be carried out within the institution, dissemination, etc. in each institution for activities Institutions Team will be formed. Corporate Team; corporate officer, one vocational teacher, one counselor and one district will have a team of National Training Centre relevant section consisting of 4 persons authorized. Selection will be served to a person outside the organization team in the process of institution were included in the team objective of the selection process and has sought to be transparent. Learners and staff foreseen for Participants Results and Impacts: Disabilities in vocational education and learn the methods applied in the European method, Determined in accordance with the interests and abilities of the barrier will be able to create individualized training plan They will learn the differences between the integrated education of inclusive education, Vocational qualification in practice for inclusive education will develop. Possible Long-Term Benefits: Preventing school drop-outs who, thanks to disabled individuals who have work to sustain their own lives as professionals to contribute to the national economy, Relevant institutions of the Ministry of National Education achievements are shared with the participants of the training environment, will contribute to the development of materials and methods.



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