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Engellerin Aşılması Yolunda Bir Avrupa Deneyimi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is formed by Hacı Mehmet Zorlu Special Training and Vocational Training Centre. It includes an overseas activity for students with mild intellectual disabilities. 16 teachers from our institiue will participate this activity at Czech Republic in Vos Sos a G . The activity will last for 14 days. The primary purpose of the project is that our teachers to have a special experience in European classes and bring back those experiences to our institue to lead us to meet our goal. Participants will get a training at Czech Republic in Vos Sos a G. They will be trained with highly equipped trainings one-to-one. They will play an important role in adding those course topics into our curriculum. They will meet our institution’s needs for quality improvement and internationalization through this trainings. They will be able to transfer the European culture to our other teachers and students. They will develop their foreign language skills in some ways. They will develop both themselves and our institution. The project will has 3 flows. These are preparation, execution and result. In the preparation step, our school will take an important part (preparing students, viza and passport procedures, security, travel, etc.) In the execution step, our overseas partners will take responsibility. Contracts that will help our project to successfully completed will be signed. In addition, these contracts will be the kind of documents that might work well for both institutions in the legal process’s for mishaps that may occur. In the final stages, we expect an increasement in the education quality of our mild intellectual disabilities teachers. Our teachers will transfer their knowledge and experiences to our students and to our institution, thus they will do a great contribution. Our teachers will be able to teach in better circumstances. They will be able to learn new techniques to use for student’s education process. Our institution will interact with other institutions and try to disseminate the project results. In addition, participants will provide a significant advantage for our institution and they will allow us to gain valuable experiences.