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Engelleri Mutfak Hizmetleri Yoluyla Aşmak
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project encompasses the training of 46 disabled people (with mild or moderate level of learning difficulty and physical handicap and who can be educated and become skilful) about kitchen and food services. They are studying at Kuyuluk Special Education Center, Çankaya Special Education and Vocational Education Center, Yozgat Ugur Bektaş Special Education Work Practice School, Kırşehir Special Education Vocational Education Center. For the consortium of the project, 5 local partners came together aiming to increase the opportunities, life standards and employability of the disabled people under their constitution. Our participants are generally disableds who finished their primary level education and are with a vocationally educable level. Since it can be understood from our experiences and data we get from institutions like TUİK, neither the education up to 12 hours(8+4) we give at our centers nor the İşkur supported courses provided at Adult Education Centers are sufficient enough to make them employed or social or integrated into the community. Furthermore, kitchen and food services education provided at schools are not at awareness raising level in terms of vocational education. However, the number of establishments who are specially working on modern kitchen and food services and who need to employ disabled people are increasing day by day. We are aiming them to be trained by seeing these needs. During the education process, participants will learn following subject areas; basic terms of the kitchen, using kitchen appliances, table system, breads, consomes, flambes, meat water types, preparing flours, pastries and deserts. At the end of the project our participants will increase their chance of participation at workforce, develop their competences, increase their employabillity, have a consolidation with community, have an international experience, enable self development and movement, get to know different cultures, and will develop themselves in terms of being social by having personal and social relations. Our project is also appropriate for Europe Employment Strategy. The hosting partners of our project are CERCI and Botkyrka Kommun , operating at Portugal and Sweden which are famous for providing education services at European standards and consisted its quality brand with its education and rehabilitation centers. The hosting organisation is fully competent on this regard with its equipment and technical capacity of food and kitchen services atelier, specialists, trainers and pedagogs. On the scope of the project 46 disabled participants will go to Braga and Botykra with 2 flows and between 01.03.2016 and 01.05.2016 to be trained on food and kitchen services. With the condition that the coordination of the project will be under Kuyuluk Special Education Center, every partner will take part in management unit which will be constituted and every aspect of the project. With this aim management and follow up committees will be formed. Besides, the selection of economically disadvantaged groups and its being fair will speciall be given attention.



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