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Engelleri aşalım Aksaray'da buluşalım-Europe meets in Aksaray for people with fewer opportunities
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is a follow-up activity of the training course ‘ Europe meets in Erzurum for people with fewer opportunities’ of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality . 'Engelleri aşalım Aksaray'da buluşalım - Europe meets in Aksaray for people with fewer opportunities’ is a training course under Erasmus + programme, Training of youth workers. The projects brings together 30 people who work for the disabled people in their local societies. At least ¼ of the participants consists of disabled people themselves. The activities takes place in Aksaray, Turkiye within the dates: 01-08 September 2015 The main theme of the project is disabilities and cities. The training course aims to create an awareness among participants about the lives of disabled people and challenges they face in their daily life. To overcome these challenges, the project offers to create a report defining how a disabled-friendly city should be like. The training will use non formal education tools such as presentations, team building, flash mob activity, field visits, theatre, music and drawing, group work, panel, brainstorming, dabates, sports and role play. These tools will allow the participants not only understand the difficulties of disabled people but also to experience to be a person with wheelchair, a deaf or blind person. The report will be disseminated to 500 municipalities and NGOs in Turkey and partner organisations’ countries. The partner organisations are public bodies and NGOs from Bulgaria, Crotia, Spain( municipality), Romania, Greece,Estonia. Turkey is the hosting country.



6 Participants partenaires