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Engaging Game-based Home Rehabilitation for Improved Quality of Life (Rehab@Home)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The proposed REHAB4LIFE project is intended as an advanced activity – with the involvement of highly qualified medical and technical partners, as well as real patients - aimed at an extensive investigation of the issues related to long-term physical/cognitive rehabilitation processes and the identification of suitable technical solutions to efficiently support them. REHAB4LIFE will enable elderly people to enjoy high quality rehabilitation for a much longer period than the Health System can currently afford. By investigating and using standard hardware components and devices, suitable medical data processing algorithms, personalized and serious-games based rehabilitation pathways, Web2.0 social and communication tools, the project will develop an efficient, effective and engaging virtual rehabilitation environment for home-based rehabilitation. The basic project idea is inspired by existing commercial platforms, like Wii and Kinect, that allow the user acting within a virtual environment and interacting with other users, thanks to special input devices and suitable technologies able to monitor the real environment and track the user’s behavior. Having this in mind, REHAB4LIFE aim at the user-centred design and development of an open solution capable to: provide exercises and training - based on serious-games - within a personalized, user friendly and engaging rehabilitation program, offer a cost effective and not bulky infrastructure with sensors integrated, collect relevant physical and medical parameters for patients’ status inspection and relapse prevention, support off-line/on-line management and monitoring of the rehabilitation protocol, promote patient’s social participation and community building. In other words, REHAB4LIFE will transform the patient’s home in a place where physical and cognitive rehabilitation process can be performed in an intensive and engaging though properly controlled way, while promoting social inclusion and quality of life.



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