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Engagement local et international pour l'enfance
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ENIE is an EVS group project in the field of education and awareness-raising initiatives coordinated by ENGIM PIEMONTE in partnership with La Voix de l'Enfant Rural, a youth and cultural association based in Medenine, Tunisia. The project main themes are the raise of European awareness (values and active citizenship), Children rights and Cooperation to contribute to local development. The project entails the engagement of 4 volunteers for a 10months project in supportive activities implemented in the framework of Cooperation to development in the country. The objective is to better children and youth’s condition, strengthening the Hosting Organizations’ activities in the field of Children care and Youth. According to their attitudes and personal interests, European volunteers will be involved in school support, play and recreational activities, home care and family support. The activities implemented locally will be, among others: - educational and school support activities - sport and leisure activities - production of information material and realisation of information meeting about rights, citizenship and voluntary work - support to local schools and association for the promotion of children rights to family and education The methodological approach is based on experiential learning and protagonism of the volunteers in all the project creative stages. ENGIM will assist volunteers and will help them discover the intercultural content of the project experience. EVS volunteers will be also guided to become aware of the self-learning process they’ve experienced, will acquire skills and competencies, attested by the Youthpass at the end of the service period, and will enrich their cultural background.



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