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Energy-aware enterprise systems for low-carbon intelligent operations (ARTISAN)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2011, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The ARTISAN project envisions significant reductions (at least 10%) in energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the European Textile Industry by integrating data-capturing technologies, process-based energy measurement and real-time optimization of operations.It will provide enterprise management systems with services for monitoring and operational decision making, available at each supply chain partner, and, additionally, trading services for energy and carbon permits forging collaboration across supply networks.Relying on a service-oriented architecture and data capturing through sensors and energy metering devices, expected achievements and technologies to be used of ARTISAN include:- an information infrastructure, enabled by AUTO ID, WSN or other hardware components, for efficient capture, storage and communication of energy consumption data;- energy performance indicator structures and services for the textile industry;- services monitoring, reporting and analyzing energy performance per process;- real-time optimization algorithms for planning and scheduling of supply chain processes and enterprise operations in terms of cost reductions and minimum consumption of energy;- tools for evaluating overall energy efficiency based on productivity assessment of processes and implicitly of products;- intra- and inter-organisational services for energy consumption forecast and trade of energy and CO2;- a layered architecture interconnecting the modules in a seamless way, enabling interoperability both internally and among supply chain partners.Field trials based on representative use-cases drawn from the European textile industry will demonstrate the functionality of the modules and the interconnections in a real context.Hence, each company is encouraged to become an ARTISAN in energy management, but mostly an ARTISAN in decisions based on energy and environmental indicators in both its day-to-day operations and business partnerships.



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