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Energiahatékony, Alternatív Technológiákat Felvonultató Multifunkcionális Bemutatóközpont Pár Létesítése A Magyar És Szlovák Határközeli Térségben / Zriadenie dvojice multifunkčných demonštračných centier predvádzajúcich energeticky úsporné alternatívne (Alternatív Technológiákat Bemutató Központ Pár / Dvojica demonštračných centier alternatívnych technológií)
Date du début: 19 mai 2010, Date de fin: 18 mai 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is justified by the long-time complex signs of crisis in the rural- population, economy and the global environment. The UNO reports on climate change made the public aware of the dangers of the issue.In the rural areas of the co-operating countries, the population is experiencing economical break-away, senescence, the lowering of job opportunities and the mass migration of the youth. In these areas the cost(s) of energy is becoming higher, the values of a sustainable future are being pushed into the background, the lack of access to healthy and culturally adequate food and the inability of providing a warm home are typical.We believe that both the global and local signs of crisis and their causing factors are the results of unsustainable social, environmental and economic processes. We also believe that these processes can be set on a sustainable course, this way providing energetical, constructional safety and a sustainable agricultural model to the population of rural areas.The project activities are already practiced by the partners on a basic level. The number of people who are interested in the Gaia Foundation's complex eco-project increased from 20-40 persons to 150-200 persons/event and this tendency is true for the Slovakian partner as well. The visitors show a strong interest for objective information, free from market interest, information that comes from the field of alternative technology. Many people are gathering this kind of information to realise such sustainable models in their own environment. According to our intentions, the information given can provide a significant boost to the spreading of the demonstrated alternative technologies in the border regions. Achievements: It is without doubt that climate change is an existing process and its consequences can be serious. It has never been more adequate to think globally and act locally. In the two regions targeted by the project, rural areas are suffering from ageing, unemployment, migration and social frustration. In these areas energy price can be a big expenditure item from month to month. It is the conviction of the partners that elements of the local economy used in this project can change these disadvantages in a sustainable form and guarantee an economic shelter for inhabitants in times of crisis. In the frame of this project, the project partners established a pair of multifunctional demonstration centres to demonstrate energy-efficient technologies in border areas in Hungary and Slovakia. The long-term purpose of the project is to contribute with its own tools to the development of the ecological culture in rural society and to educate the public about the real contents and possibilities of sustainability.



  • 80.8%   609 987,25
  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Slovak Republic (HU-SK)
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