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Energetyczna Łączność z Europą
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

„Energy connection with Europe” is the project desitnated for the students of Technical School No. 8 in Katowice. It includes three- week trainings for 32 students ,who will leave in the two-year period in two turns of 16 students in each round to Granada in Spain. The students are trained in two specializations : Telecommunications technician and Equipment and renewable energy systems. The best students from the second and the third grades ( half of each specialization)will take part in the project. The candidates will be selected over the semester on the basis of their involvement and obtainment the most progress in learning based on the developed by the school point of recruitment regulations. Derogation from the 50% rules will depend on the attitudes of the students. Participants of the project at this stage of training already have the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the profession. The specializations , in which the students are trained, are of international nature. The purpose of the project is to widen the knowledge the students get at school of aspects typical of Spain, the enrichment of practical training on the areas that are not implemented in the framework of the basic curriculum. An additional goal of practice is to gain new professional skills by the students , which will not be able to be acquired in the course of the planned curriculum and to face the requirements the employers have towards students and graduates students of vocational schools in the Spanish labor market, as well as familiarize them with the requirements of the market. Skills gained during the practices will supplement the skills acquired in the school system in Poland and will serve to increase the attractiveness of the students on the European labor market. The program of the training is based on the experience of the teachers of the Technical School No. 8 as well as the Polish employers where our students served or will be serving apprenticeship. The tasks included in the plan of the training will be carried out for particular specializations in Spain: technical positions solar power plant in Granada and the companies involved in the installation and maintenance of telecommunications and data transmission devices. It will be for the project participants new and unique place practices that will give them the opportunity for professional development and knowledge of the European labor market characteristics.. Innovative practices in the project is to gain new experiences for our students related to the implementation of the work placement in European companies and the introduction of a new form of preservation of acquired skills. This will be accomplished through consultations. After finishing day of practice, students will consult with their instructor, telling him what they learned that day, and what caused them some problems. The will also prepare for the next day's work program taking into account the correction of mistakes they made the previous day. An important aspect of cooperation will be to make the students acquaint with the characteristics of skills, and technical and legal solutions in Spain in telecommunications and renewable energy. The result of the project will be to implement the goals, as well as to increase skills and improve competencies and gain professional experience of students participating in the project. The work placements will take place in the Spanish cities Granada on: 16.04.2016r. – 7.05.2016r.- 15 weekdays – 16 students 18.03.2017r. – 8.04.2017r. - 15 weekdays – 16 students As part of the trip, students will have a rich cultural program. They will visit the largest monuments of Andalusia, familiarize themselves with the Spanish folklore and customs of the country. During the project they will improve their knowledge of Spanish and English and gain new knowledge and professional skills which will be confirmed by the relevant certificates. During practice, students will be graded on the regular basis by the Spanish employers. They will also have to pass all the tasks provided for the ECVET.


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