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Encouragement of the social cohesion of the municipalities of Belica and Makedonska Kamenica
Date du début: 20 juil. 2011, Date de fin: 20 juil. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will support the development and equipment of two Social Patronages in Belica and Macedonska Kamenica. With the curret Partners will protect the rights of local people of normal and dignifying life for people with need in local communities. The renovation of the two Social Patronages will ensure the right of citizens for access to social services. It will support the prevention of internal migration from settlements to bigger towns and abroad and will improve the utilization of social infrastructure. The establishment of the Socal Patronages will help overcoming the deficiency of social services for people with specific needs and people living below the poverty level in the municipality. The Social Patronages will help people to overcome a state of lasting isolation, altered behavior of those people in relation to the surrounding reality, deterioration of their physical and psychic condition. Achievements: Under this project were created and fully equipped and furnished two Social Patronages (Public kitchens) in both municipalities, providing social services and improving quality of life of local people. During the implementation of the project were exchanged positive practices and know-how between specialists that provide social services in the target municipalities through the joint on-the spot trainings in both countries. Another objective met is the development of the common strategy for development of community based social services following the best EU practices in the field and in relation to the needs of the final beneficiaries.As a result of the project was established positive cooperation partnership between the following organizations – Municipality of Belitsa and Macedonska Kamenica, the state specialized directorates for "Social Support", the kindergardens, the schools and the community enterprises. On-the-spot training in both municipalities was established cooperation network of social workers from the two municipalities. 40 people took part at them and thus was raised the capacity of future operational staff in the two Social Patronages. During the implementation of the project were elaborated promotional materials.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA CBC (BG-FYROM)
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