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Encounter of young and old in the generation and senses garden
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The AWO nursing home includes since many years volunteers in their organisation who are a great enrichment for the nursing home residents as well as for the team. We appreciate the energy and the inventiveness of young people who with their motivation and dedication enrich the daily life. With the future participation of European Volunteers in our institution we want to strengthen the sympathy and the interest for other cultures and ways of living as well as intergenerational understanding. Our target is to motivate young volunteers to stand up for a social and fair society in Europe. The participants should be open to engage in elderly people because the project is about the commitment in a nursing home. The volunteers' main task is to advance and realize offers in the generation and senses garden. This garden was developed on the idea and with the main principle to create a meeting place for elderly, children and families. The volunteers will be involved in the planning of events together with the residents and the neighbourhood, which will take place in the generation garden, they will also have the possibility to organise and to plan events on their own. The volunteers are going to work closely with the other employees in the nursing home. They gain an insight in a special field of social work in Germany and get a new cultural perspective. Own attitudes towards values and norms of society as well as the view on certain processes are put into question through the voluntary service. This intercultural encounter is also a chance to start a reflection inside of the nursing home, among the employees as well as among the residents. These mutual processes foster tolerance towards differentness. The volunteers are young motivated individuals who can develop new offers, e.g. recreational activities, which can not be carried out by the staff for lack of time. They enrich the team as well as the residents of the nursing home with their perspectives and ideas that are influenced by their own cultural background. We are sure that the volunteers' new ideas can be integrated based on long-term considerations in the daily routine in order to contribute to a quality intensification. The implementation of the European Voluntary Service in the AWO nursing home is a possibility for us to make a contribution to more openness in society.



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