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Enable power technologies on 300mm wafer diameter (EPT300)
Date du début: 1 avr. 2012, Date de fin: 1 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EPT 300 aims to be a decisive step forward to strengthen Europe’s leading position in power semiconductor technologies and More-than-Moore manufacturing capabilities relating to energy efficient electronic solutions. Power semiconductor devices fabricated in a European leading pilot line for 300mm wafer production are the scope of the project, for which manufacturing excellence, cost competitiveness and challenging applications are critical boundary conditions.The project will thus address challenges in the research on process technologies, production technologies and handling and automation for advanced power technologies based on 300mm wafers:• Wafer substrate materials for 300mm diameter thin wafers for power applications• New process capabilities and technology approaches • Enabling of processing equipment with capabilities specially derived from the requirements of manufacturing power devices on thin 300mm wafers• Handling and automation concepts for thin wafer and special requirements of More-than-Moore fabrication lines• Coexistence strategies for integrated multi-wafer-diameter manufacturing• Application requirements for demonstrator application and corresponding quality requirement profilesWith the intended research it is planned to achieve the realization of demonstrators in a pilot line and to demonstrate the readiness for production in large scale production environment based on selected products and technologies. The demonstrator will be verified in a fully functional energy efficient power application. By this project, the base toward future enhancements in power technologies will be made.With the help of EPT300, the European semiconductor manufacturing and the European equipment & materials industries will be the worldwide first with a 300mm power semiconductor processing line dedicated to power device production. By this, EPT300 will be an important step towards realizing leading edge manufacturing capabilities in Europe.


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