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Enable network of ICT supported Learning for Disabled People
Date du début: 1 nov. 2011,

Disabled people experience significant barriers to social participation and accessing education and employment. Many of them already use ICT to overcome the barriers they would otherwise face. However, ICT can be both an enabler which increases access and participation (opportunities) and a source of additional barriers, depending on how its design and implementation. A Network of 16 European Partners and four third country partners will use electronic networking tools to gather information and thereby investigate both how ICT is currently used to support lifelong learning by disabled adults and how it could best be used to overcome barriers and increase opportunities.The underlying approach will be information based, with data organisation, evaluation and categorisation leading to the generation of added value. Three basic stages will correspond to three main implementation workpackages: data gathering; data organisation, evaluation and categorisation; and data application. Specific outcomes relate to the organisation, categorisation and evaluation of knowledge and will include: Overview of current state of the art on ICT to support lifelong learning by disabled peopleDatabase of ICT solutions and examples of good practice, both commented on by end-users.On-line modular in-service training for adult education teachers and other professionals.Methodology for evaluation and categorisation of ICT to support disabled learners.Principles and recommendations for good practice.Recommendations for future research agenda.Comparative evaluation of the current situation in 16 different countries. Fully accessible web site with diverse networking tools. Particular attention will be paid to dissemination and exploitation and a high level international conference will be organised. Future impacts and sustainability will be ensured by, for instance, obtaining accreditation of the training and continuing maintenance of the on-line networking tools.



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