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ENABLE - ENABLing European Entrepreneurship (ENABLE)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2003, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ENABLE is composed of regions that are distant from both national centres and the economic core of the EU. Their rationale for co-operation and joint action is that they are facing similar challenges and opportunities, such as conversion from dependence on traditional industries and/or agriculture to the knowledge based society and rural migration contributing to the decline of rural areas and creating regional disparity. The operation builds on the understanding that entrepreneurship, innovation and internationalisation are recognised by all as a major part of the solution and that co-operation is necessary in order to jointly develop new and better approaches in this area. The overall objective of ENABLE is to improve the effectiveness of SME policies and increase the basis for entrepreneurship and innovation in the regions by creating competitive regions with a strong internationalised SME base. Knowledge, experiences and regional policy instruments will be exchanged, developed further, jointly tested and validated and finally mainstreamed in all the ENABLE regions, thus influencing the implementation of Structural Funds in each region. New instruments will provide for more dynamic regional leadership and a more holistic approach to regional development. ENABLE will create and strengthen regional innovation networks and empower regional human capital to apply its creativity and intelligence, experience and visions for entrepreneurship. ENABLE will mobilise target groups in the regions, such as technology centres, cluster initiatives, universities, schools of applied sciences, SMEs, transfer agencies and associations for participation in various sub-projects grouped in three areas: "Technology Transfer", supporting innovative procedures for the transfer of research and development results; "Networks", strengthening innovative regional networks; and "Start-Ups", improving regional instruments for start-up support in the ENABLE regions and stimulating, qualifying and coaching start-ups. Expected achievements will be improved concepts, methods and instruments for regional policy, new or modified structures to intensify and support entrepreneurship and SMEs, improved regional innovation systems, enhanced entrepreneurial culture and improved internationalisation and network perspectives for SMEs.



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