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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In youth key: A commitment to participation, it is a structured dialogue project that aims to provide all participants a training experience, analysis and reflection on the state of youth participation at local and national levels, with special attention to the participation regarding the political decision-making. Thus, young people involved in developing this project, we performed a deep reflection on a national picture that overall, reflects low rates of youth participation in all areas; and a poor connection and interaction between policy makers and the youth group. This project is intended to respond to the following general objectives: - Promote suitable training of group of young people; to help strengthen youth participation at all levels and forms, including political decision-making. -Encourage, improve and strengthen the channels of communication and interaction between the youth group, youth workers and policymakers; with the ultimate goal of working together on youth participation. - To promote a space for training, analysis and reflection on youth participation to address the main needs and problems related to this issue; and finding strategies that favor quality youth participation. -Develop a model of youth participation, including those most responsible actors; allow promoting actions to improve youth participation, based on the experience gained in this project. To achieve these objectives we have designed a project structured in 4 differentiated phases: PHASE 1: INITIAL ASSESSMENT AND MATERIALS PREPARATION. PHASE 2: ANALYSIS OF TRAINING AND YOUTH PARTICIPATION AT THE PRESENT. PHASE 3: MEETING FOR YOUTH PARTICIPATION. Phase 4: LOOKING FOR "THE KEY". The activities contemplated in each of these phases will follow a methodology of non-formal education centered on the active participation of young people. Likewise, the methodology will be flexible and adapted to the prior knowledge and experience of the participants; following for it, working methods that promote processes to learn and search for problem solving. Finally, the methodology selected for the development of this project will always seek to promote the necessary skills for youth participation and the successful confrontation of future participatory situations; looking in all evaluative processes that allow participants to reflect on the skills, abilities and knowledge gained and / or improved. In relation to the participants, the project involves the participation of 48 young people from four locations of Spain (Ceuta), aged between 17 and 24 years who have little or no experience in participation. These young people will be accompanied by a youth leader throughout the project; which will be responsible to manage, stimulate and guide the entire learning process. Also, the project involves the participation of youth workers and policy makers as different participating locations. Both actively participate in the process of training, reflection and search for solutions and new participatory channels with the youth group. From the experience gained from this project it aims to create a model for the promotion of youth participation that will allow long-term rates of youth participation, strengthening the participation of quality and closer relations between young people, policy makers and youth workers as an improvement. This is achieved not only that young people involved in this project will directly benefit from this experience, but with the creation of this model contributes to the formation of other young people and youth agents.



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