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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Entrepreneurship from a new boost" aims to increase the European dimension of IES Emilio Jimeno with 2 lines of work through the students and teachers. According to students of vocational traininig, intended to carry out their professional practices in Italy whereas the teachers can make training "job shadowing" in a German center where dual vocational training is offered. This project covers some of the gaps we are seeing in the last five years. So the companies of the area of influence of the IES Emilio Jimeno has decreased and this one causes difficult the students of the center to obtain a high quality education. Also, IES Emilio Jimeno wants to develop the dual vocational training next year. In fact, it has already been made with local businesses to reach agreements which achieves this goal. The project is planned 7 mobilities for 6 weeks (students) and 2 mobilities for 5 days (training teachers). According to the characteristics of middle grade students, FCT module will be developed in 2 phases so that the work placements will be made in two different companies allowing enrich the skills associated with each training cycle. We aim to achieve complementary work habits and greater adaptability to different situations. The Dual Vocational Training requires a great consensus between the IES Emilio Jimeno and a great number of companies in its area of influence so it is necessary to know "in situ" how it is organized, what aspects are necessary to get the excellent Dual Vocational Trainining. Therefore, it is advisable to have the assistance of a VET in Germany which has a long history in this type of training method. Ongoing activities encompass both aspects of general management of the Dual Vocational Training. The objectives are: a) Improving the employability of students. b) Obtaining new skills and competencies. c) Knowing Dual Vocational Training management. d) Methodological update. The expected results are: a) Students 1. Increasing personal, social and language skills as well as professional qualifications. 2. Increasing the learning about other production environment. 3. Validation and recognition of job experience through the Europass certificate, certificate of corporate and site. 4. Increasing the number of students enrolled in the center Cycles Middle Grade. b) Teachers 1. Understanding the organization of a center with Dual FP. 2. Establishing guidelines and organizational coordination and the center of the training cycle with Dual FP. 3. Coordinating the different professional modules in relation to the possibility of being offered jointly with companies. The expected impact of the project will allow to increase the level of training of students and their interest in training beyond its passage by the institute and also allow modifying the current educational services through Dual Vocational Training. These changes go beyond the duration of the project. The estimated long-term benefits are both increased enrollment of vocational training and quality in learning of the students themselves, and adaptation of the center to the business world and mutual efforts which achieves an increase in educational quality standards.



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