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Empowerment of young people and their ability to participate actively in society
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aimed at promoting an active European citizenship and the empowerment of young people and their ability to participate actively in society. It increased the knowledge of and understanding of different countries, cultures and ways of life, by promoting international mobility. The youngsters experience these by living and “working” in another EU country. By means of this project we worked with our volunteers to enrich their general view of how to live in a multicultural society and how to deal with differences knowledgeably; sensibly, tolerantly and morally. Young people had the opportunity to experience life in another European country; to experience Europe with its cultural diversity. During their activities at their hosting organizations they gained skills value able for future life and work. Acting with particular clients they were able to learn how important it is to see human worth and how important it is to be part of a changing world. Accomplishing their activities, being on their own and spending a few months abroad brought about not only an improvement of their foreign languages, but also an increased self-confidence and lots of other aspects. These all increased their chance to get a job, to be better equipped for the labour market. The project involved 14 young people from 7 European countries (Germany, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Spain and France) who spent 10-12 months in 7 Slovak hosting organizations (2 in Zilina and 12 in Bratislava) - centres dealing with kids, youth, the mentally disabled and elderly. The activities were performed in the area of social services and education. The volunteers carried out their voluntary service by accompanying and helping out in hosting organizations with various tasks mainly with the services’ users. Educational activities were carried out in order to educate and support participants in the project, to strengthen their development. Participants in the project were part of a learning cycle which included seminars and meetings organized by the sending organization(s) and coordinating organization. The project had no special requirement for the profile of the volunteers, only to be open to performing particular activities and to be able to live with other international volunteers, to share a flat and room. We had 8 female and 6 male volunteers aged from 17 to 30 years. The hosting organizations were: one in Zilina: Nadácia Krajina harmonie (2 volunteers) - mentally and physically disabled people; and six in Bratislava. Lepsí svet (2 volunteers) – mentally disabled people; Betania Bratislava n.o. (1 volunteer) – elderly people; FNC Comenius University (1 volunteer) – students; Bilingválne gymnázium C.S.Lewisa (2 volunteers) – students; Ulita (1 volunteer) – children at risk. The ecumenical council of churches (5 volunteers) – elderly people; children at risk; mentally disabled; children; students. Many people were involved in this project - directly or indirectly: the volunteers, workers, clients, local people, youngsters who live in the area (Slovak or from other countries), etc. The impact of the project is seen on all of them. All the stakeholders were affected by this project, mainly the volunteers who were acting in their hosting organizations, sharing their customs, travelling, etc.



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