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Empowering Regional Development and Innovations
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The European partner countries struggle with economic and social challenges. Remote and rural regions suffer from decreasing economy, unemployment and migration. ERDI seeks solutions to these problems boosting the expertise, entrepreneurship and co-creation of knowledge in bioeconomy. ERDI project aims for better graduate employability and improved competitiveness of the regional economy to gain better income in the future. Bioeconomy in ERDI refers to a sustainable but profitable use of renewable natural resources in the field of energy and agriculture. Bioeconomy is one of the growing businesses in Europe. It is a tool for sustainable and inclusive economic growth and job creation. However, bioeconomy still suffers from a lack of skilled labour and also business models are still too few. ERDI works through a multidisciplinary and international network of educational institutions, enterprises and administrators. ERDI develops the students’ and other beneficiaries’ expertise in bioeconomy and supports multicultural and transversal skills. ERDI also internationalises the education; fosters innovations and builds bridges between the stakeholders on different levels and regions. Furthermore, ERDI improves the openness and availability of higher education through innovative digital educational materials. ERDI aims and objectives are met through four main work packages: Curriculum development; innovative digital learning tools; knowledge alliance models and business networks. The work plan formulates an entity where the up-to-date issues raising from the HEI and WLP partners’ strategic, long term development and needs can be explored and solved. Together the co-creation of knowledge and expertise has impacts to the graduate employability, bio-economy businesses and regional development. ERDI results are: ERDI competences and course; digital tools and learning materials; knowledge alliance models and tools; spread of business models and ideas; dissemination materials.



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