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Empowering Children – Child Support and Child Care
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

It is known that Waldorf kindergartens and schools all over the world observe the principals of natural development of a personality Forty children of Samara Waldorf kindergarten follow this principal. Communication with international volunteers gives children an opportunity to meet different cultures and world outlook. Such experience is priceless: children learn to respect different opinion and different way of thinking of other people, learn to be tolerant since childhood. They learn this not from books but having a real example. That is why we have always been ready to host international volunteers. It has become a nice tradition which enriches the educational process of Samara Waldorf kindergarten. It is also a great experience for the volunteers themselves. Sometimes it defines their further lives: their professional activities as well as personal plans. Our organization has already hosted 5 long term EVS volunteers from different European countries: Germany, Austria and Belgium. It’s essential for us to have mostly long term volunteers because of the specific project set. Working with children demands long and diligent work day by day. We are happy to start the voluntary service all year round, especially in the autumn when the new groups start their activities.Samara Waldorf kindergarten is looking for volunteers who love children. The project with children is always a success if a volunteer comes with an open heart. Previous experience with children always helps. We would like to host volunteers motivated to get to know a different way of life and to put themselves into a new social and cultural situation. It is also important that volunteers understand that children are very vulnerable and they get connected to people very quickly. This means that volunteers should feel responsibility working with little children. Also volunteers should be ready to do very routine work as children's daily regime cannot vary much. This hosting placement is a unique place to see old Russian customs and traditions. The children of the kindergarten are educated through the games of Ancient Russia. Each day children dance in circles or make handicrafts, at the same time singing Russian songs. The kindergarten makes performances of puppet theatre showing Russian traditions. Working with children gives volunteers a chance to see Russian system of education. By investigating new approaches to work with children with no good language skills and being a representative of other culture, volunteers may explore themselves. Volunteers can learn about their home culture by comparing it with the Russian one. Volunteers are always welcome to visit the local families in order to experience the local inner life that is never shown to foreigners. All families know volunteers who work in the kindergarten. After some time volunteers become very close to families.


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