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Empowering Agribusiness Training in Emilia
Date du début: 15 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 14 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Municipality of Correggio has made significant commitments with respect to European policies that can be implemented locally to promote a thorough European citizenship. The applicant is working at all levels of education, in cooperation with Europe Direct, and is partner of the Italian network for the transnational mobility of young people EURODESK. On the other hand it is the territory of the Parmesan cheese, traditional balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia, Lambrusco Reggiano DOC and mortadella! It has the highest grape production in the province, is home of one of the most important schools of the territory in the food and agriculture sector, Convitto Corso. "EAT in Emilia" born from these seeds, grows with the interests shared by the Province of Reggio Emilia, the Chamber of Commerce and the Emilia-Romagna Region, which has also set up its own collective mark QC (Controlled Quality), which identifies the products obtained by applying the techniques and methods of integrated production environment and health friendly. The action of protection and promotion of Reggio Emilia culinary excellences is of strategic importance for the Province. The Economic Development, Agriculture and Promotion of the Territory Department is committed to promote awareness and diffusion of the specialties of our land. The beautiful products of Reggio Emilia agriculture and typical gastronomy are also strengths of local promotion and tourism of the territory. The partnership is completed by schools and vocational centers of the province, business associations, promotion consortia, global enterprises and with a selection of the most appropriate receiving partners. EXPO 2015 is coming, it is necessary to intercept the development opportunities related with the higher attention from the whole world towards our way of living and feeding in the respect of our territory. Therefore, the project EAT in Emilia arises from the knowledge of the territory, its products and the concept of promotion, but with a strong connotation in marketing, e-communication and e-commerce areas, with pragmatic references to operative tools, including ICT and social media, which allow, through the European benchmark, to develop the best possible performance to be spent on the labor market, raising the employability level of participants. The concept of “typical food product” is here defined and 'transferred' certainly not from a closing or defensive point of view, but as GLOCAL RESPONSE to the increasing search for quality. This in order to pursue competitiveness and sustainability, fostering the reconfiguration of production systems and giving more negotiation power to farmers and rural groups. We want to enrich our young learners with innovative skills, to support both exploitation policies and SMEs willing to grow in value (and income), providing them with ideas and strategies to develop toward a real “glocalization”. It is no coincidence that the forms of marketing of the typical product that we propose in the project, follow on one side the path of the short chain and on the other the openness to web 2.0 tools, e-business and social business. Every school/vocational center involved will be associated to training experiences characterized by the recognition of credit and able to provide our learners with at least one specific skill/performance among those recognized in the Regional (or National) Qualification Framework, in order to produce new skills and improve local and European employability. We must start from the young people that, with "EAT in Emilia", will have EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GROWTH, through a linguistic-cultural preparation specific for the destination country and thanks to a 5-week/3-month work placement experience in European SMEs, respectively for 48 students and 24 newly graduates. Participants will be able to develop those life skills which are necessary to become a real citizen and to integrate quickly into the labor market. "EAT in Emilia" is therefore in line with the objectives of the YOUTH WARRANTY, it responds to the competitiveness and internationalization needs of our enterprises and, at the same time, it offers to young people tools for growing as individuals and facing the labor market with better perspectives and with a portfolio of validated skills and experiences in a clear, recognizable and readable way. The foreseen destination countries are: Spain, Netherlands, Malta, UK, Ireland and Portugal.



25 Participants partenaires