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Empower your voice!
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Empower your voice!" is a project from two parts aimed to gather young people and youth workers with different backgrounds from different countries to share, to discuss and to build self-confidence and take own initiative through creative workshops, inquiries, discussions and street activities. The main topics are anti-discrimination, racism and xenophobia, equality, minorities and tolerance. This project is based on a participatory methodology in the context of non-formal education, which emphasizes the way of independent thinking, critical analysis of reality and the promotion of the principles and values of the European Union. Using the methods and the practices of the non-formal education the participants learned more the topics of the project. During the project many of the participants were in Croatia for a first time and met people from the participating countries also for first time. It made them realize which are the common problems they face in the everyday life, which are the possible ways to overcome the challenges. The project offered the opportunity for the youths and youth leaders and workers: -to explore social problems at deeper levels as well as to bring this important dimension into their everyday life -to discuss new advantages that the new methods bring into anti-discrimination activities and to dissemination of information -to encourage participation and involvement of themselves and another young people in social processes -to develop sense of common responsibility for the future of their local communities -to inspire for bringing upon stage solutions to their problems and to act them not only on stage, but also in their real life using one of the most powerful methods - the Forum theatre as well as Image theatre as a supportive method -to take initiative, learn how to work in team, and also perform in front of public for first time -to design a programme, prepare, develop, adapt and follow the plan of activities The projects took place in Zagreb in November and December 2015 with 59 young people and youth workers and leaders in total.



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